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Escape from Arth by Psytronik

Have you ever wondered what delights are waiting for you at the end of your favourite Commodore 64 game? Is there a game that you have spent an AGE trying to complete, but you just can't mange to reach the end? Well stress no more as the C64endings.co.uk Team are here to reveal all...

We've been completing and cataloguing Commodore 64 games since the very early days of our beloved machine, and this web site has continually grown from strength to strength since 1997.

Special "THANKS" to team members: Frank Gasking, Matthew Rogers, Brendan Phoenix, Neil Collins, Andrew Fisher, and Inge Pedersen. Thanks also goes to the Lemon 64 website, which houses our endings within each of their archived games.

Vinny Mainolfi
The Web Master

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    Just to let you all know that this site remains dormant whilst I concentrate my time and efforts on my Commodore 64 magazine, FREEZE64. All the endings and info will remain as a live archive, but for now, I won't be adding any new C64 game endings. BUT - you can see new game endings in my C64 magazine, which you can check out at www.FREEZE64.com
- Posted on 11/11/20 -
GAME ENDING: Plural by CP Verlag

It has been another busy couple of weeks here at C64ending HQ, but unfortunately not much is Commodore 64 related. Today we take a quick breather from the usual dollar-earning day-job to add another game ending for all to see...

Thank you to team member Neil Collins for playing through this superb shoot-em-up and obtaining the ending...

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- Completed by Neil Collins - Posted on 16/02/16 -
NEXT LEVEL: Punchy by Mr. Micro
  Now I'll be honest here: I've heard of this game, but I've NEVER seen it... until now! I remember seeing it on the shelves back in our town's computer store, but I just couldn't force myself to buy it because I was put off by the cover. I'm not entirely sure what it was, but it just felt like a cheap and boring game. 30+ years later I stumble on the game in the Gamebase 64 database and decide to load it up. To my surprise, it's a nice little game - even if it is a total Hunchback rip-off!

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- Played through by Vinny Mainolfi - Posted on 07/02/16 -
GAME ENDING: Periscope Up by Atlantis Software

Here's one of those coincidences when I've gone to add a new game ending to this site and realised that the game looked familiar. In fact, last November I went through the code to this game deciding whether or not to crazy hack it, and whilst looking through the code I found many triggers - one of them being the game ending. So as well as Neil completing the game with cheats, I also cheated and jumped straight to the end. Now there's a first! ;-P

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- Completed by Neil Collins & Vinny Mainolfi - Posted on 04/02/16 -
NEXT LEVEL: Astrobot by CBI
  I stumbled on this arcade platform game whilst looking through the Gamebase 64 database on my laptop. I was looking for a game to crazy hack and this looked like a likely candidate. With it's colourful platforms and challenging game play, it was certainly worth the effort.

I was quite surprised it had a whole bunch of levels to play through...

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- Played through by Vinny Mainolfi - Posted on 01/02/16 -
NEXT LEVEL: Spellbound by Ocean Software
  Here's an early Ocean Software platformer released back in 1984. I really don't know where to start on this one... it's a sub-standard release that doesn't really offer much of a challenge for the player. The graphics are very basic, the sound is dire and the game play is flat. Time hasn't been good to this one...

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- Played through by Vinny Mainolfi - Posted on 31/01/16 -
GAME ENDING: Power Pyramids by Quicksilva

Power Pyramids is a puzzle game by Quicksilva. The storyline is a bizarre tale about the delivery of and construction of pyramids throughout the galaxy by the intellectually advanced Egyptians. It all boils down to a simple concept: guide a robotic sphere around each of the pyramids and activate its power by touching the various points scattered within it's maze of corridors. You have to control various switches and ramps in order to navigate the rooms and avoid items that cause you harm...

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- Completed by Neil Collins & Vinny Mainolfi - Posted on 28/01/16 -

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