Engineer Humpty

• Publisher: Artic Computing
• Developer:
As above
Release Date: 1984
Code: Nigel P. Johnstone

GFX: Nigel P. Johnstone
Music: Nigel P. Johnstone


> ENGINEER HUMPTY by Artic Computing

Played through by Vinny Mainolfi

Another blast from the past...

Back in 1984, my bother and I seemed to spend endless hours playing the Humpty games. But as childish as they sound, they're very challenging games and got us totally hooked.

Engineer Humpty was our favourite out of the three Humpty outings, with it's nigh on impossible level structures that got us into thinking that the coder definitely had a sadistic side to him. We only managed to get to level 4 and so it wasn't until 30 years later that I got to code a crazy hack that allowed me to skip through and see all the crazy levels...

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Level 5

Level 6

Level 7

Level 8

Level 9

Level 10

Level 11

Level 12

Level 13

Level 14

Level 15

Level 16

Game ending (see the review HERE).

HOW WAS IT PLAYED?: I built a crazy hack version of the game and skipped through the levels. 


  • Vinny: It's great to see so many levels for such an old game.

FINAL SAY: As with the other Humpty games, I only paid £1.99 for this back in 1984 and so it was a bargain!

RATING: 7 / 10

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