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Hackersoft has always been interested in what makes a game tick - which is obviously the code. But what if you could play around with the code and add a few extra features to a game that you wouldn't normally see? Well, Hackersoft have done just that and have produced - and still produce to this day - a whole collection of crazy hacks of Commodore 64 games. Your C64 games will never be the same!

- Use the A to Z menu below to get to the crazy hack you require -

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- Saboteur +18D Durrell 12/10/2015 Skip through the whole map, game ending, infinite lives, freeze energy/timer and lots more!
- Sacred Armour of Antiriad +5 Palace Software 18/11/2021 Quick hack featuring: infinite energy, fly through walls, and teleport/get suit of armour.
- Santa's Xmas Capers +25D Zeppelin 24/12/2014 Invincibility, infinite lives, turbo santa, tune select, level skip, game ending and more.
- Scuba Kidz +29D Silverbird 25/01/2015 Level skip, through walls,  tune select, game ending and more.
- Scumball +7D Mastertronic 10/09/2011 Use various keys during play - see READ ME file
- Seaside Special +19D Taskset 12/07/2012 Skip to No.10, colour changes, freeze enermy, infinite lives, top up seaweed and more!
- Sergeant Seymour +25D Codemasters 20/09/2014 Level skip forward and backward, game ending, infinite lives, teleporting, freeze timer and more!
- Sidewize +25D Firebird 14/03/2016 25 new features including: level skip, game ending, invincibility, extra firepower and more!
- Sir Ababol +30D Mojon Twins 01/01/2013 Freeze enemy, infinite lives, walk through walls, fly mode, moon jump, game ending, and lots more!
- Slightly Magic +39D Codemasters 26/06/2014 Screen skip, game ending, infinite lives, teleporting, save/restore location and lots more!
- Slug +30D +FIX Alternative 05/09/2014 Level skip, game ending, infinite lives, teleporting, collision, freeze timer and lots more!
- Sorcery +24D Virgin Games 09/05/2020 Freeze timer/energy, teleport, screen skip, smart bomb, game endings and lots more!
- Space Ace +25D CP Verlag/Game On 31/12/2019 Level skip, game ending, infinite lives, teleporting, collision, freeze fuel and lots more!
- Space Harrier +4 Elite 08/07/2011 Use numerics 1-4 during play for extra features
- Space Rider +35D Hi-Tec 08/10/2012 Freeze energy, walk through walls, game ending, tune selector, colour changes and lots more!
- Space Trip +24D Achim Volkers 07/03/2015 Level skip, game ending, infinite lives, teleporting, health, faster walk, and lots more!
- Spellbound +14D Mastertronic 05/10/2015 Screen skip, teleport, item collect, invincibility, game ending, and more!
- Spiky Harold +16D Firebird 14/11/2011 Use various keys during play - see READ ME file
- Spindizzy +8 Electric Dreams 11/05/2020 Mini hack with screen skipping NSEW, Fall on/off, Time on/off.
- Spitfire +13D Elite / Encore 22/11/2015 13 features including: lives, damage, refuel, rearm, ammo, stop stalling, and unlimited fuel!
- Spooky Castle +25D Atlantis 18/03/2013 Infinite energy & lives, Walk Through Walls, Game Ending, levitate, colour changes and lots more!
- Spooked +33D Players 27/01/2014 Skip screens, freeze enemy, infinite lives, through walls, fly mode, moon jump, teleport, and more!
- Spooks +45D Mastertronic 19/11/2012 Freeze energy, game ending, get objects, teleport, walk through walls, and lots more!
- Sqij! +22D Power House 17/02/2014 Screen skip, teleport, energy freeze, the great platform, game ending, and more!
- Star Slayer +34D Silverbird 28/02/2015 Level skip, freeze energy, walk through walls, Level skip, game ending, and lots more!
- Stormbringer +21D Mastertronic 02/10/2015 Screen skip, teleport, item collect, game ending, and more!
- Street Warriors +28D Silverbird 21/02/2015 Level skip, infinite lives, freeze timer, freeze baddies, game ending, and lots more!
- Subway Vigilante+19D Players 14/10/2015 Teleport, run/walk mode, freeze energy/enemy, colours and lots more!
- Sunburst +14D Rack-It/Hewson 06/11/2015 14 new features: level skip, freeze nasties, freeze energy, invincibility and lots more!
- Super Can +7 Action Soft 09/05/2020 Mini hack with infinite lives on/off, collision on/off, freeze/unfreeze enemy and game ending.
- Super G-Man +52D Codemasters 02/06/2012 Infinite fuel/ammo/rockets, level skip, freeze timer, colours, sound effect selector, and LOTS more!
- Super Pac Twins +20D PK & RB 11/03/2018 20 new features: level skip, through walls, freeze enemy, game ending and lots more!
- Super Pipeline 2 +37D Tasket 15/02/2012 Level skip, colour changes, infinite lives, music selector, collision, and more!
- Swamp Fever +22D Players 31/12/2011 Jump through areas, teleport, infinite lives & energy, stealth mode, colours, and more!

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