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Hackersoft has always been interested in what makes a game tick - which is obviously the code. But what if you could play around with the code and add a few extra features to a game that you wouldn't normally see? Well, Hackersoft have done just that and have produced - and still produce to this day - a whole collection of crazy hacks of Commodore 64 games. Your C64 games will never be the same!

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- Galax-i-birds+27D Firebird 20/12/2015 27 new features including: lives, collision, freeze enemy, level skip, smart bomb and more!
- Ghosts 'n Goblins +28 Elite 18/07/2011 Use various keys during play - see READ ME file
- Giant's Revenge +36D Thor 25/08/2015 Level skip/select forward and back, colour changes, sprite collision, immortal, game ending and more!
- Go-Kart Simulator +37D Zeppelin 31/12/2014 Infinite lives, collision off, freeze timer, level skip, sound effects, and lots more!
- Gribbly's Day Out +23D Hewson 18/02/2012 Level skip, colour changes, gravity change, force field off, and more! See attached READ ME file.
- Guns n Ghosts +28D Psytronik/RGCD 17/08/2014 Level skip backwards and forwards, game ending, fly mode, smart bomb, freeze enemy, and lots more!
- Gunstar +21D Firebird 30/08/2014 Infinite lives & fuel, invincibility, freeze temperature, faster movement, faster missiles, and lots more!

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