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In 1996 Hackersoft set out to produce a series of animation demos starring famous characters from Commodore 64 games. Jet Set Willy was the first character to appear in an actual demo and this was going to be followed by a demo with Monty Mole, but due to other commitments only one of these demos saw the light of day.

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  Globyule Demo


ASSISTED BY:  Assisted by a Sprite programming article from Commodore Format magazine that taught me how to use sprites on the Commodore 64.

PRODUCTION NOTES: The reason for creating this demo was to introduce a Hackersoft mascot, which would eventually appear in demos and possibly a game. The demo is completely produced in BASIC and went no further than this initial test.

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  Jet Set Willy in The Viz Comic Sketch


ASSISTED BY: David Whittaker who originally produced the music for Codemaster's 'Super Robin Hood'. Also assisted by a Sprite programming article from Commodore Format magazine.

PRODUCTION NOTES: Each screen was reproduced from scratch using BASIC and print statements. The scenery was created by redrawing and changing the character set. The sprites were ripped from Jet Set Willy 2.

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