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Hackersoft has always been interested in what makes a game tick - which is obviously the code. But what if you could play around with the code and add a few extra features to a game that you wouldn't normally see? Well, Hackersoft have done just that and have produced - and still produce to this day - a whole collection of crazy hacks of Commodore 64 games. Your C64 games will never be the same!

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- Daffy Duck +06D Hi-Tec / GTW64   Here's something a little different... when Frank Gasking first obtained the data disks for this game, he provided me with a sample file that housed one of the levels that started halfway through and also crashed when you died. I fixed the crash and also found the intro screen, which I brought back into the game - as you'll see by the crazy hack. It was still in a very raw format, but it confirmed to us that there WAS a game to be played! :-)
- Dark Tower +17D Melbourne House 29/11/2017 17 new features: screen skip, infinite lives, fall from high, teleport, game ending and lots more!
- Deadly Evil +20D Bizzare Zombie 23/09/2015 Collision, level skip, game ending, and lots more!
- Dead Zone +8D Power House 28/07/2014 Level skip, infinite lives, walk through walls, and invincibility.
- Deep Sea Salvage +28D TND Games 2015 28 new features: level skip, collision off, infinite lives, teleport, game ending and lots more!
- Demon's Kiss +47D Byte Back 05/03/2014 Screen skip, colour changes, ending, energy freeze, tune selector, save/restore location and more!
- Denarius +28D Firebird 20/12/2015 28 new features including: lives, energy, freeze enemy, level skip, game ending and more!
- Deviants +24D Players 24/09/2015 Collision, screen skip, energy freeze, game ending, and lots more!
- D-FUSE +35D TND Games 24/10/2015 35 new features: level select, freeze timer, invincibility, game ending and lots more!
- Dizzy - POTYF +40D Codemasters 05/06/2014 Screen skip, game ending, energy freeze, infinite lives, teleporting, save/restore location and lots more!
- Doriath +15D Virgin Software 10/09/2011 Use various keys during play - see READ ME file
- Dragon's Cave +19D Nicolas Stark 29/10/2015 19 new features: stage skip, freeze nasties, teleport, game ending and lots more!

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