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Updated on: 08/02/14


Below is a list of game endings that achieved our accolade of, "C64 GAME ENDINGS GOLD MEDAL AWARD". These endings received a ten out of ten score for reasons such as: pure excellence, sheer fun and programming expertise.




- Bad blood 03/12/10 I love the graphics, the gentle animation, the atmospheric sonix, and finally the great epilogue. What an absolutely lovely ending :-)

Really good ending with very well drawn comic book style pictures.

- Blitz 3000 14/04/06

Jon REALLY does like to keep his C64 fans happy and always goes that extra effort to impress. This game ending is a pure delight and makes the TOP GRADE.


- Bouncy Balls 20/12/05

Cherry software have really thought this one through and spent some time creating a great ending.

Top marks to Cherry Software (",)

- Catalypse 24/12/05

This truly is a cool and flash game ending that any programmer would be proud to have in their game. It oozes pure class and really looks AMAZING. If ever a game ending deserved to receive our gold medal award, then it certainly Catalypse.

Download it now !! (",)

- Creatures 01/02/05

It looks good; it sounds good; and it certainly feels good.

If you loved the game, then you are going to LOVE the ending.

- Creatures 2 19/01/06

FRANK GASKING: "What can I say?... Extra effort has gone into this ending, and you are rewarded with something rather special. There is everything to look forward to when completing this game. You could always ask for more, but really this is a fantastic way to end a game on the ranking of Creatures 2.

Satisfyingly gory and a satisfying "completion" feeling."

- Dylan Dog 24/10/06 The ending oozes atmosphere and tension, and has been produced in the same vein as any Hollywood blockbuster movie. You'll see what I mean when you watch it. I just can't believe I have been sitting on it for soooooo long!

A well-deserved Gold Medal.

- EON 24/07/08 This really is an amazing ending. The programmers have packed it all in: great graphics, super visuals and an amazing ending tune. You really get the feel of completion with this ending and it is definitely worthy of a Gold Medal.

You may need to watch and listen to it more than once!

- Flimbo's Quest 09/04/05

This REALLY is a cool ending. The programmers have certainly thought this one through and given us all value for money. Cracking graphics and a cool piece of music. (",) Certainly deserves a TOP MARK.

This is a MUST!

- Golden Axe 22/04/07

It isn't often that a game ending impresses me, but the graphics and music to this game ending are certainly worthy of anyone's attention. A neatly wrapped package with the added extra of a red bow ("that'll be the sonix by Jeron").

Very impressive and worth multiple viewings (",)

- Golden Pyramids, The 06/01/09

WOW! This really is a fantastic ending! It's got it all: 2 pieces of ending music, an epilogue, animation, graphics all wrapped up in a cute little package. I seriously love the first ending tune with that thumping beat. Definitely a Gold Medal winner :)

GM all the way in my opinion.
- Ice Guys 11/03/08

This really is a cool ending (no pun intended). It fulfils all my requirements for a perfect game ending: great graphics, cracking tune, complete story telling, humour and a great scroller. This game ending has them all.

Don't delay - download it today (",)

- Jet Set Willy 29/05/10

I'm probably going to get slated for doing this, but I have been waiting a LOOOONG time to see this ending, and the 10/10 really goes to Joonas and DanSolo for fixing this and allowing us to see the ending. Guys - I salute you both :-)

A real moment in gaming history.

- Last Ninja 3 (The) 11/01/06

How ever the storyline goes, it is certainly a VERY COOL ending and looks AMAZING! The graphics and animation are clear, colourful and very well drawn. The music is great, too. It really sets the scene and assists in completing the story.

Definitely a GOLD MEDAL winner and one to download, RIGHT NOW! (",)

- Max Headroom 29/03/05

Pure quality and entertainment. The programming team certainly thought this one through and came up with a polished piece of entertainment that surpasses most of the game endings that were around at that time (1986). The speech quality is not perfect, but I can live with it (",)

- Nobby the Aardvark 27/12/05

This game ending is pure comedy at its best. The graphics, colours, sound and humour all add up to make a hilariously fitting ending to this superb game. It really is one for your game ending collection and is certainly worthy of the GOLD MEDAL AWARD.

STOP WASTING YOUR TIME READING THIS! Download the ending, NOW !! (",)

- Project Firestart 09/05/08

Brendan has found a gem of a game ending and certainly shows that the programmers had the game player's interests to heart. It really is a fantastic idea to have two endings that are determined by the game player. A quality production from start to finish.

(BRENDAN): Properly one of the longest end sequences I have seen in a 64 game - fully tells the story, shows you firstly escaping from an exploding ship, a confrontation with a bad guy, you killing the bad guy, getting the girl and your boss telling you well done - even the movie style - THE END signs it off nicely.

PERFECT in every way :)

- Retrograde 11/10/05 If I were you, I would stop wasting my time reading this review and download the ending to see for myself! Another GOLD MEDAL WINNER me thinks (",).
- Roland's Rat Race 25/09/05

You betcha arse it does! This is an amazing game ending that emanates pure class. It has a fab storyline end, cool graphics and superb Martin Galway music. Dave Collier has really produced the goods on this one and he deserves all the credit that I have given him (",).

You really can't go wrong with this one. DOWNLOAD IT NOW!

- Saliva Kid 17/04/08

I am full of surprise and delight to see that this game has a tip-top ending that is full to the brim with all the elements that every game ending should possess. The programmers certainly thought this one through and ensured that the player had a gratifying ending.

It really does deserve a gold medal (",)

- Sceptre of Baghdad 13/07/05

This fine game ending is a true reflection of Jon's ability to satisfy the player's appetite for a completed game. Jon has really thought this game ending through and spent a long time ensuring pure quality is present throughout.

This is a MUST, so download and view it RIGHT NOW! (",)

- Shadow Dancer 30/12/05

I had forgotten how cool this ending was. It's another example of the programmers thinking the storyline through to a satisfactory end. It really does feel like you have completed the game and that the story has a close.

Praise-be to the programming team (",)

- Solar Jetman 16/10/05

Pretty bloody cool if you ask me!!!! The final animated end sequence may be quick, but it is EXACTLY how I like my endings to be: humorous, clever, and complete. And as for the music, what can I say? ... GEOFF FOLLIN has created a superb piece of music that fits this ending like a glove.

So don't waste anymore time, and download this cracking GOLD MEDAL WINNER (",)

- Soulless 08/02/14

This game ending is a dream for me; it has every element you could ever want in a game ending: fantastic animation, beautiful graphics, atmospheric music, an epilogue and closing credits. Perfection. 10/10 Gold Medal from me.

Truly brilliant :-)

- Supremacy 02/04/13 The game is certainly impressive and so it's great that this follows through into the ending. Superb graphics, animation and music, all wrapped up to make a worth GOLD MEDAL winner. 10/10.

A lot of work has gone into this one and it has paid off :)

- Synetic 01/08/08

It has all the elements you will ever need in an ending: great music, an epilogue, superb graphics and cracking animation. And all created with the SEUCK utility!

So much time and energy was put in this ending, there’s no doubt it deserves a GOLD MEDAL.

- Turbo Charge 06/06/06

This is a SERIOUSLY cool game ending that seeps true class and entertainment. The graphics are FANTASTIC and the music adds to the excitement.

Download it NOW and see the ending in the flesh c(",)

- Turrican 23/10/05

THIS is EXACTLY what games were made for! Manfred Trenz is a total genius and as well as creating an AMAZING game, he has also created a masterpiece in this game ending.

Download this game ending and keep it close to your heart (".)

- The Wild Bunch 28/04/11 Is it a 9/10 or is it a 10/10 - Gold Medal? I kept pondering this dilemma for weeks and eventually came to the conclusion that it was definitely a 10/10 - Gold Medal. Why? It's slick, consistent, incredible gorgeous, the sound/music is fab and it truly is an ending that has had some time spent on it - there's even two endings! A real Gold Medal winner for me. Well done Jon.

An absolute joy to watch...

- Woody the Worm 03/02/06

This game ending is really cool and looks SUPERB! The colours and animation are a real treat and certainly finish the game off in style.

Don't miss this one!

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