• Publisher: Martech
• Developer:
Binary Vision &
   The Electronic Pencil

Release Date: 1986
Code: Paul Norris,
  .Notarianni, Rupert Bowater
GFX: As above
Music: Rob Hubbard

ZZAP64 Game Rating: 94%
Our Game Rating: 81%


FILE: zoidsend.zip


> ZOIDS by Martech

• Completed & Reviewed by Neil Collins

God I hate Zoids. Didn't like the toys as a kid, and really disliked the game. I wanted to like it, and tried to get into it. I loaded the game many times with the intent of understanding how the hell you play the game, but instead I just listened to the awesome music, pressed buttons, moved around at random for a few minutes before getting killed and restarting. A very similar experience to that of playing Miami Vice. I eventually worked out what I had to do in this game, but never seemed to get anywhere - even with cheats. The turning point came when I decided to map it. As the whole map looks very similar, it is very easy to get lost and get frustrated. Once the area becomes familiar it is just a case of conquering cities in each zone until you find a Zoidzilla piece and move onto the next. You will have to fight the evil Redhorn at the end too. It's very hard to beat, and does take time even with cheats. I'm so glad I've finally mastered this one. It's been one of those nagging, unfinished projects that has bugged me for years. No more stupid, plastic, dinosaur, robot action for me. Happy days!

Nooooooo! The End!

HOW WAS IT COMPLETED?: I used a trained version that made my Zoid invincible. I mapped the area and made my way through the eight zones collecting Zoidzilla pieces. It was a long and boring journey.

SO WHAT HAPPENS?: Errrr... Very little. After beating Redhorn nothing happened. Once the final piece is collected a short message appears, which reads 'CONGRATULATIONS. NOW MERGING WITH ZOIDZILLA'. The map then turns blue and the game continues. I tried destroying every other installation and enemy, but it did not affect anything.


  • Neil: Ranks highly in the C64 endings hall of shame. I knew I shouldn't have bothered with these stupid, plastic pieces of crap. 0.5/10.
  • Vinny: Nooooooooooooooooooo! This game was on the WANTED list for AGES! I can't believe it is such a basic and lacklustre ending :( 0.5/10.
  • Frank Gasking: I gave up on it as I don't think I had the instructions for it. Still can't believe some of the game companies got away with this kind of thing at the end of a game!
  • Andy Vaisey: Bleurgh!
  • Brendan Phoenix: Never played this - just did not look like a game I wanted to get to grips with (looked far too complicated) but you cannot argue at that Zzap rating.

    What you can argue with is that lame excuse for an ending.
  • Andrew Fisher: The Electronic Pencil Company created some clever games, and this was an unusual approach to a licensed property. It didn't quite work - the abstract nature and control methods make it tough to get into, and it is disappointing not to see more of the actual Zoids represented onscreen.

    Terrible ending, which makes me think less of the game.
  • Gaz Spence: I was a massive Zoids fan - I think the clockwork models are still in my parent's attic. The game itself is a little slow for me - I got a little way into it put didn't bother persevering - and just as well given the abomination that is the ending.

FINAL SAY: Years I've waited for this... and all I get is a short crappy message!

G.E. RATING: 0.5 / 10

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