• Publisher: Anirog Software
• Developer:
Anirog Software
Release Date: 1984
Code: Jef Gamon

GFX: Jef Gamon
Music: n/a

Our Game Rating: 62%


FILE: zodiacend.zip


> ZODIAC by Anirog Software

• Completed by Brendan Phoenix
Reviewed by Vinny Mainolfi

Now here's an oldie that I've never played before. I remember seeing it advertised in many of the computer/gaming publications back in the day, but I've never bothered loading it up and having a play. After receiving the ending from Brendan Phoenix (cheers Bren) I thought it was time I investigated... but unfortunately I was a little disappointed. It reminds me of Nonterraquous by Mastertronic, and is very quirky. It's fun to play but a little limited...

For those of you who may recognise the programmer's name, Jef Gamon, he also coded: Astral Attack, Frogrun 64, Kong (AKA Krazy Kong 64) and PC Fuzz - to name but a few.

The final room...

...and the final peices.

The End.

HOW WAS IT COMPLETED?: Brendan used a trained version.

SO WHAT HAPPENS?: After collecting all the symbols of the zodiac, you are put in a final rooms where two at a time are floating about. You collect them and place them in this square in the middle of the screen (avoiding the bad guys of course!) Once the final piece is in you get the ending message that reads: "CONGRATULATIONS. YOU HAVE NOT SAVE CAMELKIND BUT YOU HAVE SAVED MANKIND SO I'LL THROW IN A COUPLE OF MEN AND 50,000 POINTS BONUS SO YOU CAN START ALL OVER AGAIN."


  • Brenda: Still have this on original somewhere and never managed to complete it - always wanted to know what the ending would be like. And now I know: a crap end game message which makes no sense! 1/10.
  • Vinny: Like I said, I've never owned it, never played it (until now!) and I don't care too much for the ending! 1/10 from me too.
  • Gaz Spence: In all honesty a text epilogue is about all you can expect from such an early game but it still doesn't excuse the attempt at humour if that's what it is supposed to be.
  • Andrew Fisher: All the signs (get it, zodiac...signs...I'm wasted here) were that this would be a simple ending, you don't need an astrologer to predict that.
  • Andy Vaisey: Yawntastic ending.

FINAL SAY: It makes no sense!

G.E. RATING: 1 / 10

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