Wizard's Lair

• Publisher: Bubble Bus
• Developer:
Bubble Bus
Release Date: 1986
Code: Richard Clark

GFX: Richard Clark
Music: Richard Clark

ZZAP64 Game Rating: 89%
Our Game Rating: 87%


FILE: wizardslairend.zip


> WIZARD'S LAIR by Bubble Bus

• Completed by Neil Collins & Vinny Mainolfi
Reviewed by Neil Collins

Wizard's Lair by Bubble Bus is an arcade adventure game which seems to be a hybrid of two classic games by Ultimate - Sabre Wulf and Atic Atac. The graphics are very Spectrum-esque, with monochrome sprites and backgrounds painted in typical Ultimate style. The game itself is in the style of Atic Atac - where you wander the multitude of screens, blasting baddies in search of four pieces of the Golden Lion. It's not a bad game actually. It's fast, has a huge map to explore, looks pretty good and is easy to play. It's not the most original game out there, but it seems to do what it does very well. Games like this never quite seem to work out, but I think that Wizard's lair combines elements from both games really well. Definitely a game that you may have overlooked and is well worth checking out.

The End.


  • Neil: I used a trainer and had the parts of the Golden Lion in no time.
  • Vinny: I hacked the game ending. Just freeze the game using an Action Replay Cartridge or Monitor, and enter: G210E.

SO WHAT HAPPENS?: The ending shows a small framed picture of our hero with astronomical symbols surrounding him (which you actually see on the title screen). A message is written below it which reads 'THOU HAST ESCAPED YE WIZARDS LAIR, BUT WHAT FATE NOW AWAITS THEE ...'. A small jingle plays (which is the same tune that plays as you start the game), before the game ends and you are sent back to the title screen.


  • Neil: Not a bad ending when you consider the size of the game map. I think all available memory was probably used, so existing bits of code were utilised to squeeze an ending in for us. For that reason I commend the programmer. 4/10.
  • Vinny: I also commend the coder for such a large game, but I'm only giving it 3/10 for the ending.
  • Andrew Fisher: I always found it a frustrating game to play, in that I would run out of keys or end up going in circles. Still, it's a good game in the style of Atic Atac.

    Nice to know there is an end.

  • Brendan Phoenix: Had this game on the Zzap! Sizzler's compilation. Was never a fan if truth be told, but always did wonder what the ending would be like. It's like the game, no great shakes.

  • Andy Vaisey: Hate this kind of hires, overhead, flick, screen, arcade adventure, so I'm not going to comment.

    Oh shite, I just did...

FINAL SAY: It's not amazing, but it's something. I think there's a reason for this ending.

G.E. RATING: 3.5 / 10

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