• Publisher: Rainbow Arts
• Developer:
Modern Arts
Release Date: 1988/2013
Code: Matthias Hillebrand

GFX: Matthias Hillebrand
Music: Tim Kleinert

Game Rating: 65%
Game Rating + trainer: 80%


FILE: warriorsend.zip


> WARRIORS by Rainbow Arts

• Completed & Reviewed by Vinny Mainolfi (additional text by Frank Gasking)

Warriors is a rather Rastan looking game which was being produced back in 1988 by a group called Modern Arts for Rainbow Arts. You control a warrior character who jumps across platforms in a horizontal scrolling game. Best way to describe is probably a cross between Bionic Ninja, Rastan and Hawkeye – scrolling from right to left.

The game was coded and designed by Matthias Hillebrand, with music by Tim Kleinert and was produced over several months with a lot of hard work put in. You may be thinking that you've never seen or heard of this game before, and that's because it was never released, but has now been unearthed by Frank Gasking and the GTW64 team for all to play. You can read the full story HERE.

So after twenty odd years of being hidden away on development disks, does Warriors have a game ending worth waiting for?

Nearly there!

Journey's End.

You stand behind the mega-evil Zathan...

...and go in for the kill!



What a picture!

Time for the credits...



The End.

HOW WAS IT COMPLETED?: I used the superbly trained version by Onslaughter.

SO WHAT HAPPENS?: Once you have reached the end of level 3, the game ending loads up and reveals our hero giving Zathan a head-chop. This is accompanied by digitised sound effects. This is followed by a scrolling epilogue and some credits and thanks. Finally - the second part loads, which is a 'CONGRATULATIONS' screen and reads: "CONGRATULATIONS. YOU REALLY DEFEATED THE MEGA-EVIL ZATHAN AND YOU REALLY RESCUED THE BEAUTIFUL PRINCESS OF BRIGHTNESS. THE DIAMONDS OF WISDOM ARE RECONQUERED !!! The story has ended..."


  • Vinny: WOW! Considering the game is a little difficult - to say the least - I was expecting a half-cocked ending, but I'm glad to see that it isn't. In fact, it's a blooming great ending and I'm surprised it has been hidden away for twenty odd years! The only thing that annoyed me was the flashing and moving scrolling text, which was a little difficulty to read. Apart from that, it was almost perfect (",) 9.5/10 from me.
  • Andy Vaisey: Ay, not a bad ending. But 9.5 for a static screen with some animation?
  • Brendan Phoenix: Vinny's been smoking crack!

    Ha ha - matter of opinion's, but although this is a good ending it is by no means a great one. Above average and would get a solid 7 from me, but nowhere near touching the elusive GM status.

    Yes that bloody scrolling text is annoying, only a small bit of ending animation (ok sound fx though) and the end pic does nothing for me.
  • Andrew Fisher: I've yet to play the game, so can't comment in that.

    But that's a very good ending. I spy the familiar sprite scroll over bitmap that also appeared in Turrican and X-Out, although it maybe did not need the sinus movement. We'll forgive the poor English, enjoy the tunes and little piece of animation. 7/10 from me.
  • Frank Gasking: Very happy to see Warriors released in its final form, which is thanks to Wilfred Bos for initially recovering the game as part of a HVSC tune hunt from the game. Onslaught also did a great job of tidying up the game and fixing level 2... the game also really needed trainers! Warriors is unfortunately a game which has an intro sequence far better than the main game itself - although it looks great, it is completely unplayable. After a stunning intro, the outro does not surprise me at all. Really nice animated sequence, with typical credit scroller, thumping music and a ending picture. I do think its a 10/10 to be honest - it's certainly up there with the Turrican ending, if not better (and which got 10/10 ;-)

FINAL SAY: I can't believe it's been locked away for so long!

G.E. RATING: 8 / 10

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Copyright İVinny Mainolfi