• Publisher: Taito
• Developer:
Release Date: 1989
Code: Ian Denny
GFX: Martin Godbeer
Music: Mark Wilson

ZZAP64 Game Rating: 77%
Our Game Rating: 84%


FILE: volfiedend.zip

> VOLFIED by Taito

• Completed & Reviewed by Vinny Mainolfi

I'm not really a fan of this game and I only really played it to obtain the game ending. In fact, I didn't play all the way through as I used a level-skip cheat (WHAT A CHEAT!).

So after Round 16, here's what happens ...

Looks like the final end of level Boss has copped it!


The dust starts to settle ...

... and the final level draws to an end.

Our intrepid ship makes its final journey ...

... and reaches the end.

HOW WAS IT COMPLETED?: I completed this game using a level-skip option on a cracked version of the game. To speed up the processes of passing through the levels, I turned up the speed on my C64 Emulator to 400%, which enable me to complete the game in about 15 seconds!!

SO WHAT HAPPENS?: Not much really! The final Boss explodes to smithereens, leaving nothing but dust clouds.

A 'CONGRATULATIONS, Round 16' screen appears and adds your bonuses, and then you get to see your ship flying onto it's final destination.

Finally, the end message appears, which reads, "The aliens were exterminated and the spaceship monotros discovered the one survivor. They lost all things ... but they made up their mind to make a fresh new start of live as the new Adam and Eve of this planet !!". What a load of BOLLOCKS!


  • Vinny: Not much to see and and as a result, not much to say! At least it ends some where!

FINAL SAY: Don't waste too much time looking at this one (".)

G.E. RATING: 3 / 10

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Copyright İVinny Mainolfi