Turrican 3

• Publisher: Smash Designs
• Developer:
As above
Release Date: 2004
Code: André Bürger

GFX: André Bürger
Music: T. Hinrichs, T. Uysal

Our Game Rating: 89%


FILE: turrican3end.zip


> TURRICAN 3 by Smash Designs

• Completed & Reviewed by Matt Rogers (and K-JN)

Not much to say about Turrican 3 apart from it's very similar to the other two games (Turrican, Turrican 2), and also that it wasn't commercially released and so it doesn't have the same clean, cut finish as the other two previous versions. Saying that - it's still a good piece of work and the programmer should be congratulated for producing it...

God it was tedious trying to backup this ending up! Played it on VICE and it seemed to crash on the final level all the time. So, started again on CCS64, but then had a nightmare... I had to stick it onto tape then backup again to disk - BUT CCS64 doesn't seem to allow 2 files to be saved to the same disk so I had to backup the final file on VICE. What a palava!

Anyway! (",). Thought I'd give this a bash having never played it before. Plays almost identical to Turrican 2, with the exception of the 4th level which is glitchy and garbage...

Turrican: "So come on then! Where's the final boss?!"

Turrican: "ah - bollocks!"

Boss: "Come here you little pip-squeak!"

Turrican: "Take that you big head!"

Boss: "Now you're REALLY gonna get it!"

Turrican: "Yeah. yeah... whatever!"

Boss: "Eat skulls you shit!"

Turrican: "Charming!"

Turrican: "Take THAT right up your nose!"

Turrican: "Now what can YOU do to harm ME?"

Turrican: "OH FUCK!"

And so the ending begins...

...with an explosion...

...that's strong enough...


...blow the roof off!!

Smo-king :)


In true Turrican style...

...the rolling epilogue and credits...

...complete the ending.

The End.

HOW WAS IT COMPLETED?: I didn't cheat! (Vinny: I had to use a cheat to make the video of the final boss and ending!!)

SO WHAT HAPPENS?: Once you have FINALLY killed off the boss, we see out hero flying away from the city just before it's about to explode. AMAZING! Third time lucky too!!


  • Matt: The final boss is pretty interesting and takes some beating: appears as a cube with 4 faces which you have to defeat in turn - once the final face is destroyed you collect a pod to fly and face it again - best way to kill it is with the purple (bouncy) bullets.

    You get the typical Turrican end, which is getting a bit stale now! However, the explosion is nicely animated.

  • Vinny: Let me say that the final boss takes an absolute age to beat! I thought I had him a few times, and then I had to shoot him all over again. A cool final boss though :)

    In a way, I am disappointed that this ending is VERY similar to the previous Turrican endings, but then again, it isn't an official commercial release, and the programmer did really well to achieve what he did. A great epilogue and some cool information :-) 9/10.

  • Gaz Spence: Poor old Turrican must be thinking 'how can the same shit happen to the same guy thrice'. The ending is a little too close to the others; some individuality wouldn't have gone amiss. I'd rate it a 6/10.

  • Brendan Phoenix: Same old same old. 3 endings, all pretty much identical. The 2nd time was pushing it a bit, but three times?? Come on!

  • Andrew Fisher: While the Smash Designs version certainly captured the spirit of the originals, the bugs and problems with getting it to run on real hardware put me off... A nice ending in the style of the others, but perhaps it needed something more.

FINAL SAY: Good job, but missing that Turrican pizzazz.

G.E. RATING: 9 / 10

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