• Publisher: New Gen. Soft.
• Developer:
New Gen. Soft.
Release Date: 1984
Code: Unknown
GFX: Unknown
Music: Unknown

Our Game Rating: 81%


FILE: trashmanend.zip

> TRASHMAN by New Generation Software

Completed and Reviewed by Neil Collins

Trashman is cool. Yes, it's very similar to the spectrum version (with slightly improved graphics) and still has the quirky control method, but it's a very good original game. I like the fact that they have taken a boring, laborious occupation and made an enjoyable computer game of it. As the title suggests, you control a trash collector around the streets of a small town. Your task is to simply make it through the week collecting the bins, tipping them into the back of the rubbish lorry and returning them to their owners. You have to avoid treading on peoples lawns, dodge cars and bikes, collect tips and make it to the end of each street before your timer runs out - otherwise you will get cautioned for being too slow. It's very tricky as the control method is unforgiving and the traffic is sometimes very difficult to avoid. Overall though it's a classic game that you should play at least once if you haven't already.

A customer palms you a stiff one (oo-er, missus).

And now you're smashed!

The End.

High score list.

HOW WAS IT COMPLETED?: Using a lot of patience and saved games.

SO WHAT HAPPENS?: Once trashman has made it to the end of day seven and collected all twelve bins, the final customer offers him a drink. Accepting this makes trashman wobble all over the place and into the road. Somehow I avoided the traffic, but you don't have to do this to complete the game. I just wanted to collect all the tips possible. Once our trashman walks to the top of the screen, the week ends and the game is complete. A message appears telling you that you have passed your test and receive a diploma. You are now free to go and rid the world of trash. You also get nominated for a 'trashman of the year award'. Another message appears showing the nominees for the award - for which you should be on top if you have an adequate score. The game then returns back to the main menu.

COMMENTS: Having already completed this game on the Spectrum, I was expecting the ending to be like this. I also peeked into the C64 machine code and spotted the text at the end of the game, so no surprises here.

FINAL SAY: The end should have been far better than this, what with the extra memory over the C64's 48k rival. The ending is garbage ("gerroff - Vinny").

G.E. RATING: 2 / 10

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