• Publisher: Go!
• Developer:
Probe Software
Release Date: 1987
Brian O Shaughnessy
GFX: Unknown
Music: David Whittaker

ZZAP64 Game Rating: 55%
Our Game Rating: 74%


FILE: trantorend.zip


> TRANTOR by Go!

• Completed & Reviewed by Neil Collins

Trantor is a boring side-scrolling arcade adventure from Probe. The graphics look like they have been ported directly from the spectrum. The best thing about the game is the loading picture. That's pretty good. Your aim is to run left and right throughout the eight levels, blasting aliens and collecting eight letters of a password from various computer terminals. You then have to decipher the code and enter it into the main computer. The correct code gives you another three letter code for the teleporter. Once you find the teleporter, and enter the code, the game is complete. With cheats, this game took about five minutes to complete.

Level 6 is finally complete!

Level 6 is finally complete!

Level 6 is finally complete!

Level 6 is finally complete!

Level 6 is finally complete!

The End.

HOW WAS IT COMPLETED?: Using an infinite energy cheat.

SO WHAT HAPPENS?: Once you activate the teleporter, a page of text is displayed telling you that you have been beamed to the planet Nexus with the plans for a bomb and that your mission continues in Trantor II. Our hero is then shown kneeling in the teleporter before disappearing in an explosion of white stars. A game over message is displayed before finally showing the percentage of the game that was completed. The game then restarts.


  • Neil: Not bad. I expected it to be far worse, although I'm sure they could have squeezed a bit more into this poor game.

  • Vinny: I used to enjoy playing this game back in the day. It isn't brilliant (as ZZAP64 pointed out!), but it's worth a play or two. Anyway, a surprising ending as I was only expecting a closing piece of text. It could have done with a David Whittaker ending tune and a little more animation and sparkle.

  • Andy Vaisey: The graphics are bland and average (and mixing multi and hi in my opinion is really silly in this case because of the stark contrast between the main sprite and surrounding background). The sound is bland and average. The gameplay is bland and average. The ending is bland and average. All round, pretty much bland and average. In an average sort of way.

  • Brendan Phoenix: I was going to have a go at this after seeing either the Speccy or Amstrad ending and remembering it looked rather cool (or was that the intro?). This is pretty pants though - nothing worse than an ending name checking a sequel, even worse when that sequel never even came out. Pah.

  • Romppainen: What a steaming pile of rubbish! This represents the game type I probably hate most, huge and clumsy hero struggling in the middle of endless stream of fast, small and unrecognizable enemy blobs (Savage, anyone? Ee-orr). In the beginning we see a nice intro about our brave stormtrooper landing to the planet, but what happens when he manages to escape from it: Trantor ducks and transport beamer blows the poor fella to smithereens - Game Over. WTF?!? I really pulled my hair when I gave this a few tries back in late 80's, now I can't be nothing but glad about not even trying to beat it.

  • Anthony Burns: Hm ... The end sequence appears to be the same as the death sequence, with a bit of story text thrown in. That means, given the repetitive nature of the gameplay, that one could experience everything that this game has to offer by playing very badly, dying, and getting the tedium over and done with. Such a shame, after that promising intro sequence (but that really is just a lure of false promise).

FINAL SAY: The game is short and boring, with a surprising end. Not one I'd recommend.

G.E. RATING: 4.5 / 10

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