Time Tunnel

• Publisher: U.S. Gold
• Developer:
Applied Sys. Eng.
Release Date: 1985
Code: Unknown
GFX: Unknown
Music: Unknown

ZZAP64 Game Rating: 49%
Our Game Rating: 72%


FILE: timetunnelend.zip

> TIME TUNNEL by U.S. Gold

Completed by Matt Rogers
Reviewed by Vinny Mainolfi

Here's one of those endings that happened to be in the OFFLINE ARCHIVE for a very long time, but I had no idea where it came from. Fortunately, Matt Rogers refreshed my memory on the c64endings forum and told me that it was one of his endings (DOH!). I used to love playing this game, but I never got round to completed it. Anyway, a great little game from U.S. Gold - though ZZAP64 magazine didn't seem to think so!

The End.

HOW WAS IT COMPLETED?: I honestly don't know. Matt - did you cheat?

SO WHAT HAPPENS?: The final sequence sees our hero sitting high upon a throne with his magic 'walking stick' flashing away, which is all accompanied by an ending tune.

COMMENTS: If I had played this game all the way through and was presented with this ending, then I would honestly say that I would be quite satisfied with it. It's cute, and the ending tune is fitting and delightful.

FINAL SAY: It's cute.

G.E. RATING: 4 / 10

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