Treasure Island Dizzy

• Publisher: Codemasters
• Developer:
Release Date: 1989
Code: Ian Gray

GFX: Neil Adamson
Music: Matt Gray

Our Game Rating: 81%


FILE: tidizzyend.zip



• Completed & Reviewed by Ryan Ferneau

Treasure Island Dizzy was the second in the popular game series of Dizzy, a sort of egg-man who is very fond of tumbling. From the beginning, Dizzy was tasked with picking up objects and carrying them to where they are needed, jumping obstacles and dodging danger along the way. This sequel introduced the ability to carry 3 objects at once; however, they must be cycled in and out across a three-slot queue. It also introduced the "collectathon", where Dizzy must gather 30 golden coins--half of which are hidden behind innocuous bits of scenery--before his quest is truly over, as well as underwater exploration and the familiar tree house village setting.

In this entry, Dizzy becomes stranded on an island, and the goal of the game is to escape by unearthing valuable treasures and giving them to a shopkeeper in exchange for some boat parts. Once assembled, the boat will carry Dizzy to the right to a screen which is considered the mainland. There are a few points of interest here before the game is finally over, however.

Putting the key in the ignition...

Riding the boat to a new pier!


Oops, we're not done yet!

Double congratulations. The End.

HOW WAS IT COMPLETED?: Just practice. The game is not very long or difficult as long as you know what to do and are careful around death traps, as you only have one life.

SO WHAT HAPPENS?: First, there is one final message scroll stating that Dizzy has solved all the puzzles and earned his freedom. To the right is the last of the 30 gold coins. To the right of that is the twin brother of the shopkeeper who sold the boat, who stops Dizzy and demands 30 coins as tax on the boxing gloves; failing this, the player can go back across with the boat and search the island for more coins. If the player goes to the man with all 30 coins in hand, then he congratulates Dizzy on his performance, plays a short tune, and kicks the game back to the title screen after the next key press.


  • Ryan: As this is the first Dizzy game to have a secondary objective, the ending area feels a little simplistic and nonsensical. We're expected to believe that this one screen of water was the whole distance Dizzy had to travel to reach his homeland, just because he can't swim in it, when earlier he walked through multiple screens of water and was still considered to be on the island. Later Dizzy games would have some puzzle or mini-game or cut scene crop up only after the last collectible was acquired, but in these early games the "thirty coins" treasure hunt is foisted on you after you've already seen the whole game. Your only rewards for completing the coin hunt are a different message and a brief piece of music, as the Commodore 64 port doesn't even award bonus points for collecting the coins that could have served as bragging rights, and so the whole thing feels very tacked-on.

    Also, why is Dizzy suddenly being taxed on the boxing gloves he's worn his whole life? The enhanced remakes of Treasure Island Dizzy changed it to a tax on the BOAT, which makes more sense. Still, it's nice that the game acknowledges both accomplishments with a bit of story.

  • Vinny: WOW! Is THAT really the ending? I'm wondering how long it took Ryan to complete and if he actually felt satisfied that the ending was enough for all the work. Not really my kind of game and definitely NOT my kind of ending. Nothing extra offered by the ending. 1.5/10 from me.

  • Andrew Fisher: It was an interesting sequel to the original Dizzy game, but lets itself down by only having one life and the tricky inventory system (which can lead to unnecessary deaths underwater). It doesn't make good use of the C64 either, with flickering and monochrome graphics.

    As for the ending, I suppose the need to find the 30 coins adds a little extra depth, but the actual ending itself is poor being just text. I would not have been happy to finish the game and see that.

  • Brendan Phoenix: Never played the Dizzy games - they are just so Spec-crummy.

    Typical cheapo ending, as with the other comments on here, I would be disappointed to see this ending after battling through the puzzles.

FINAL SAY: Why is Dizzy suddenly being taxed on the boxing gloves he's worn his whole life?

G.E. RATING: 1.5 / 10

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