• Publisher: Cyber Systems
• Developer:
Cyber Systems
Release Date: 2000
Code: Frank Gasking, Jon ..Wells
GFX: Frank Gasking
Jon Wells

Our Game Rating: 91%


FILE: syneticend.zip


> SYNETIC by Cyber Systems

Completed and Reviewed by Vinny Mainolfi

I’ve said it before in the Archetype ending review: I wouldn’t touch any game that was produced using the SEUCK utility. This all changed when I was introduced to the Alf Yngve collection of SEUCK games. From there, I started checking out other SEUCK titles with most of them being a load of drivel. But then, out of nowhere, came an amazing SEUCK game that was created by our very own Frank Gasking, which was enhanced by the great Jon Wells.

Synetic is a truly serious C64 gaming experience, and if you haven’t seen or played it, then CLICK HERE to download a copy. It really is a quality product, but I honestly never thought that the game ending would be soooooooooo good – in fact, so amazing!

A passcode is required to activate the ending.

An epilogue.

Our hero drops a bomb!

And then makes a run for it.

A calm before the storm.


Mission accomplished.

Our hero heads home.

A safe landing.


The pilot exits the craft.

And a hero's welcome awaits.

Balloons set for the skies.

Cue the credits.

The End.

HOW WAS IT COMPLETED?: I used the invincibility cheat that allowed me to see the whole game. I’m glad I did it this way as I got to see how much hard work went into producing this great game.

SO WHAT HAPPENS?: I’m not going to spoil it too much by explaining the ending as I want you all to watch it. Needless to say that the ending wraps the game up in true style.


  • Vinny: This game, along with the ending, was produced in 2000 and I just can’t believe that it took me so long to see the ending. I sat in my seat with my mouth wide open and totally shocked by the quality of the whole ending experience. Frank knows exactly what the game player wants at the end of the game and produced this perfect movie style ending. And here’s the astonishing thing: he produced the ending using the SEUCK utility!!

  • Frank Gasking: I had always loved game endings as you know, and always ended up wasting valuable SEUCK memory using a few screens to do some stuff (My really early SEUCK bits have some 2-3 screen endings). Ages ago I did a game called Cybernator, and recently I found a long lost end sequence to it on my old tapes.... its startlingly like Synetic's ending and hence where I must have spookily got the inspiration from.

    I first sussed out that you could do animations and bits in SEUCK without having a game, and did the Xavier intro. With Synetic, this was the biggest thing I'd done and I wanted to do a proper ending to round it off in the same way it started with the intro. So yup, it was a SEUCK effort - just with the scores and main ship blanked out as empty chars and sprites.

    Jon composed all the music for the game, some tunes he already had - but he had composed some specially for the game. He also did all the enhancements for the main game.

  • Brendan Phoenix: A 3 minute end sequence - what more do you want? Ok, so it's the tried and trusted fly away whilst the planet explodes ending, but boy, this is how it SHOULD be done. Waving people, flying balloons, explosions, etc - it has it all - and a thumping soundtrack.

    A deserved GM winner.

  • Andy Vaisey: Considering it's SEUCK origins, this is really good. Very good in fact! OK, some of the GFX aren't great and it's certainly not gold medal material compared to other endings, but this ending gets 10/10 from me just for creative use of the utility! Brilliant!

FINAL SAY: So much time and energy was put in this ending, there’s no doubt it deserves a GOLD MEDAL.

G.E. RATING: 10 / 10

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