Superkid in Space

• Publisher: Atlantis Software
• Developer:
As above
Release Date: 1991
Code: Unknown

GFX: Chris Edwards
Tonal Kaos

Our Game Rating: 85%


FILE: superkidinspaceend.zip

> SUPERKID IN SPACE by Atlantis Software

• Completed & Reviewed by Vinny Mainolfi & Neil Collins

I've never owned the original of this game and I've only ever played it via Gamebase 64.

Superkid in Space is a cool little arcade platformer with clean graphics and some simple tunes. Surprisingly enough, it's actually a fun and pleasant game to play and reminds me of the early days of budget releases from Mastertronic and Codemasters - even the loading screen gives it that eighties budget release feeling.

Neil: This game is graphically similar to the original Superkid game, but this time our hero is in space scenario. I didn't really know what I had to do, so I just explored all of the levels, blasted the aliens, collected the items scattered about and returned to the spaceship. It seemed to do the job.

Earth is safe!

The End.

HOW WAS IT COMPLETED?: I used a trained version of the game that gave me infinite lives, energy, and everything else that stopped me from dying! I also used a level-skip :-)

SO WHAT HAPPENS?: Once the sixth level is complete, you get to see your ship take off. You then have to land your craft on the landing pad on Earth to get your bonus. The screen then flicks over to the ending screen that shows Superkid smiling away, and the aliens giving it the: "Gwwww... why, you!". This is accompanied by some ending text that reads: "WELCOME HOME OUR EARTH HERO," and an ending ditty.


  • Vinny: It's a pleasant enough ending that could have done with an epilogue and a better graphical representation of the end.

    Though the music appears to be identical to the intro music, it's in fact a specific ending tune.

  • Neil Collins: A mediocre end to a fun little platform game.

  • Brendan Phoenix: Never heard of this game, although I have a few oldie Atlantis games scattered around.

    Typical cheapo ending.

  • Andy Vaisey: Yummy, LEGO gfx.

FINAL SAY: A quick look and listen should suffice.

G.E. RATING: 3 / 10

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