Sub Hunter

• Publisher: Psytronik
• Developer:
As below
Release Date: 2008
Richard Bayliss
GFX: Frank Gasking
Music: Thomas Mogensen

Retro Gamer Rating: 92%
Our Game Rating: 92%


FILE: subhunterend.zip


> SUB HUNTER by Psytronik

Supplied by Richard Bayliss
Reviewed by Vinny Mainolfi

I'll be quite honest here: I spent a few weeks during the summer (what summer?!) of 2008 play testing this delightful game. I really do feel privileged to have been part of the process of getting it out (oo-er, missus) as well as starting the ball rolling in getting Psytronik to publish it.

Obviously influenced by Mastertronic's (cacky) Sub Hunt, Richard and Frank have taken the game to another level and given it some pizzazz. It's a slick and fun production that is certainly challenging to play. Before I forget, if you wish to purchase a copy on tape or disk, you can get it from HERE.

So you see, it's going to be hard for me to give an honest opinion, but here goes...

Level 25 has a massive shark!

Shoot it enough times and it gets very angry!

Level and game complete :)

The End.

HOW WAS IT COMPLETED?: I did see the game ending during the play testing, but I cheated and just asked Richard if he could send me the ending as a separate file :) It's not what you know...

SO WHAT HAPPENS?: After killing the massive shark on level 25, the game switches to the ending screen. This screen comprises of three black and white images (drawn by Frank Gasking) depicting the end of the journey. There is also an epilogue that reads: "THE END. YOU HAVE SUCCESSFULLY CLEARED THE OCEAN OF THE MUTANT FISH AND SAVED THE STRANDED SWIMMERS. YOUR HOME TOWN WELCOMES YOU BACK WITH OPEN ARMS. WITH THE DISTURBING TRUTH FINALLY OUT, THE GOVERNMENT HAS A LOT TO EXPLAIN." This ending is accompanied by a tune produced by Richard Bayliss.


  • Vinny: I really liked this ending the moment I saw it. Sure it's not perfect, but it completes the game nicely. Frank and Richard have done a nice job. Maybe Sub Hunter 2 could have an animated game ending sequence :)

  • Brendan Phoenix: Quite polished ending to be fair, 3 little pics to accompany the little epilogue that is in place. Pity the pics were not bigger or in colour ( or are they supposed to be b&w snapshots? ) always nice to have a little end game storyline rather than a brief ' The End ' or ' Congratulations '

    The end is better than most of the dross out there and the end game tune is a nice enough little ditty. However for me it loses some points for just having a static screen ending, some animation would have been nice, or the the little pics appearing as some sort of slideshow.

    For me it is above average, but does not push into the 7/10 - I will therefore plump for 6.5/10

  • Matt Rogers: Never heard of or played it so it's difficult gauge how it fits in with the game itself. On the face of it, it's neat and tidy, and the tune's ok, but it doesn't make me smile or wanna play it. That said, at least an effort has been made with the piccies. I'll go 6.

  • Andrew Fisher: It's a polished little ending that adds to the atmosphere of the game. It's not doing anything complicated but fits the overall style. 7/10.

  • Gaz Spence: I think we're blessed to have a new game of this quality on the C64, so respect to Richard, Frank and Drax. The ending itself is neat and rounds the game off nicely - the music, in particular, is excellent. It's worth a 6.5 rating in my opinion.

FINAL SAY: I like Frank's art and Richard's music :)

G.E. RATING: 7 / 10

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