Speedball 2

• Publisher: Image Works
• Developer:
Release Date: 1991
Code: Carl Muller

GFX: Alan Tomkins
Music: Martin Walker

ZZAP64 Game Rating: 90%
Our Game Rating: 90%


FILE: speedball2end.zip


> SPEEDBALL 2 by Image Works

• Completed by Stadium64
Reviewed by Vinny Mainolfi

Now here's a game I never really played as I could never find someone to play it with - I find that games like this only really work with two players. It wasn't until Frank and I went to Retrovision 2010 that I actually had a chance to play it. And what a mistake it was! Frank thrashed me and for some reason I just couldn't score. I took the 'Matt Allen' approach and blamed the joystick ;-)

Speedball 2, like Speedball, is a futuristic sports game where the aim is to throw the steel sphere into the opponent's goal. It's quite violent, as you can punch the opposing team which allows you to gain ground and attack the opponent's goal area. You can play in a league or in a knockout cup against numerous computer opponents so there are plenty of matches to play. It's simple, fast and addictive. It's all you can ask for in a sports game (I stole all that from the Speedball 1 ending page) :-)

Ending 1: for the cup...

You da man!

Is that a Big Mac?

Ending 2: for the league...

Top of the league, here we come...

Come on!

The End.

HOW WAS IT COMPLETED?: I think Stadium64 just played through it :-)

SO WHAT HAPPENS?: If you win the cup, then you get an ending screen with a hand holding a trophy (looks like a Big Mac) and the ending message: "CONGRATULATIONS! YOU WON THE CUP!". If you win the league, you get the same image, but with a different message: "YO! YOU DID IT! YOU TOOK BRUTAL DELUXE TO THE TOP OF THE LEAGUE! OUTRAGEOUS, MAN OUTRAGEOUS!"


  • Stadium64: Two endings: one for the cup & the other for the league. The end picture is the same as when you win a match or get a promotion in the league :-(

  • Vinny: Hmmm... I was actually expecting something spectacular, but I suppose it's something. Thing is... it's something cack :-(

  • Frank Gasking: What can I say?.... Brilliant conversion, in some ways a lot better than the Amiga version and faster to play - I actually think its more fun than the likes of Emlyn Hughes or Microprose Soccer. Carl Muller
    did wonders cramming this into a single load (if you exclude the separate intro sequence), and its one of my favourite C64 games of all time.

    With the ending, I'm not surprised its on the short side. Carl had to cut out a lot to keep it to a single load, even shrank the losing picture to help (Here's the original that wasn't used: http://goo.gl/GE40X ). However, when you consider that although he was lacking memory he still managed to squeeze in a picture of his then boyfriend (activated by entering MARTIN on the title screen), then maybe he could have had least had a different picture ;-)
  • Gaz Spence: What a brilliant conversion this is, with all of the playability retained. A pity the ending pic is recycled.
  • Andrew Fisher: Really enjoyed both the Speedball games. Carl Muller did a good job on this conversion. A game that is still worth playing, even if the ending does let it down a bit.
  • Brendan Phoenix: Never played the C64 version - to be honest wasn't a massive fan of the Amiga version either (although I loved the 'Ice Scream, Ice Scream') sample.

    Was too busy playing with my mates on Goal! on the Amiga I think around this time (and Premier Manager - best multi-player management game ever!)

    To be honest at least there is some form of ending here. The Bitmap's are not remembered for their great endings - anyone remember the ending to Xenon 2 on the Amiga? Most annoying ending ever??

    Also with the fact it's a sports title makes me even more surprised it has an ending pic. It's ok I suppose and certainly exceeds the little expectation I had of it.

FINAL SAY: Poor; very poor.

G.E. RATING: 2 / 10

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