• Publisher: Infogrames
• Developer:
Release Date: 1987
Code: K. Bala, G. Courouble

GFX: Didier Chamfray
Music: Charles Callet

ZZAP64 Game Rating: 67%
Our Game Rating: 67%


FILE: sidewalkend.zip


> SIDEWALK by Infogrames

• Completed & Reviewed by Neil Collins

I remember seeing the cover of Sidewalk, but never buying the game itself. Having now played it through, I understand why me and my friends steered clear of it...

Sidewalk is a very simple and short game that sold for far too much money back in the day. You play some odd looking, nameless character who has to take the love of his life to the forthcoming Live-Aid gig. Unfortunately you have no tickets and your motorbike has been taken apart by some mindless thugs. You need to find all the parts, rebuild it, get some tickets and pick up your sweetheart before 7.30pm, or the fickle old tart is going to the gig with your rival John. Charming!

The game has well drawn - if colourless - graphics, very limited action, a small playing area with a tiny map to explore. It's quite funny in places, but very short and often confusing. It's not big enough to be a good adventure and not exciting or varied enough to be a decent action game. This is a game that I'm not at all bothered about missing out on back in the eighties...

Endless looping locations. The End.

HOW WAS IT COMPLETED?: I followed some online solutions, but found that doing it myself was the easiest method. It didn't take too long.

SO WHAT HAPPENS?: Once the bike is fixed, tickets are purchased and you manage to make the call before 7.30pm, the game is beaten. The bloke tells his lady that he is going to collect her and an annoying tune starts up (the same as the title page music I believe). You then get to see a flick screen montage of the game locations, which loop endlessly.


  • Neil: A simple bit of programming utilising the game code to generate an ending. It's very boring indeed. I'm sure they could have crammed a lot more in. 2/10.
  • Vinny: I too kept avoiding this game every time I saw it on the shelves in WHSmith and John Menzies. Judging by the style of drawings and the fact that all the coding team are French, the game characters may be from a well-known French cartoon. Unfortunately for us in the UK it doesn't quite work - though I do appreciate the art :-) Needless to say that I'll keep avoiding this one...

    As for the ending... it's what was expected. Very boring. 1.5/10 from me. Nice nipples though ;-)
  • Brendan Phoenix: Aaah, such a distinct French style graphics wise, I actually always liked the look of this but never got round to playing it. Reading the comments, I doubt I ever will. Very poor ending but the '2 points' is quite apt given the nice nipples! Then again, with a nose like she has - she could smoke a cigar in a shower without getting it wet!
  • Andrew Fisher: Have to agree, the cartoon art makes it look a lot more interesting than it actually is. Il n'est pa une bonne ending...

FINAL SAY: A short and not so sweet game. Just like the ending.

G.E. RATING: 2 / 10

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