Se-kaa of Assiah

• Publisher: Mastertronic
• Developer:
Zenobi Software
Release Date: 1984
Code: L. Hogarth, C. Wilson

Our Game Rating: 62%


FILE: sekaaend.zip

> SE-KAA OF ASSIAH by Mastertronic

Completed & Comments by Matt Rogers
Reviewed by Vinny Mainolfi

Being an avid collector of Mastertronic titles, I wasn't going to let this one pass even if it was an adventure game - not one of my fave genres. Needless to say that I purchased a copy to add to my collection and for some reason I seemed to enjoy playing it!!!

Not really having the skill and knowledge to complete it, I had to rely on the prowess of Matt Rogers to send in the final sequence of the game. Here is Matt with an opening comment ...

Matt: "Not really a big text-adventure fan; I could only really stretch to Mastertronic adventures as they seemed less daunting. God knows why I bought this game back in the day - probably the artwork on the inlay. I struggled but eventually managed, via LISTing the code, to finish the first part, but that's where it ended.

Never touched it again until recently when I found the solution on the Walkthrough site and completed it that way. Enjoy (or not!) (",)"

The final command is given ...

... The End.

HOW WAS IT COMPLETED? As Matt mentioned, he completed the first part by viewing the code - WHAT A CHEAT - and the second part he completed using a walkthrough - this guy is a REAL cheats :-)

SO WHAT HAPPENS? Once you have reached the Ivory Gateway, you enter in the final command, "LIFT GATE" and the screen cuts to the end message (see above screen shots).

COMMENTS: What a pile of cack! The game is okay, but the ending just sucks! It just looks as if it was programmed in BASIC! There's no picture, no music and no satisfaction of having played through and completed the game.

FINAL SAY:  Hmmmm ... at least it ends the storyline (".)

G.E. RATING: 1 / 10

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