Scooby Doo +3PD

• Publisher: Elite
• Developer:
Elite / Hokuto F.
Release Date: 1986/2010
Elite Code: Mike Web

GFX: Unknown
Music: P. Clarke, M. Cooksey

Special Code: Kaizen
GFX: Joe and Terrax
Music: NecroPolo

ZZAP64 Game Rating: 42%
Our Game Rating:


FILE: scoobydoospecedend.zip


> SCOOBY DOO +3PD[SPECIAL] by Elite / Hokuto Force

• Completed & Reviewed by Vinny Mainolfi

We all had such high hopes for this game when Elite first started to circulate rumours and adverts stating that it was to feature "the first ever computer cartoon" along with some impressive screenshots. The game was to be similar to a laser disc arcade game, but for some reason it went belly-up and couldn't have been any worst if it tried! There is some hope because 25 years later the clever guys at Hokuto Force have added an ending to the game that had remained endless for so long. A great idea and a quality piece of work...

The Gang. The 'new' End.

HOW WAS IT COMPLETED?: I used the cheat that came with this cool version, which was hacked by the great Martin Pugh (Pugsy).

SO WHAT HAPPENS?: Once you complete the 4th and final level, the ending loads (disk only) and a bouncy tune kicks in along with a very colourful picture of Scooby and his team. Words then form on the screen to read: "WELL DONE SCOOBY DOO!!! YOU HAVE RESCUED YOUR FRIENDS FROM CLUTCHES OF THE EVIL MAD SCIENTIST AND HIS SPOOKY MINIONS. YOU HAVE EARNED AN AVALANCHE OF SCOOBY SNACKS." The credits then kick in and the whole ending loops around.


  • Vinny: Okay - so this isn't a perfect ending, but it is breaking new ground by taking an old game and adding a great and much needed ending.

    Great music, impressive picture of the team and a very short epilogue. The text could have been clearer because it is a little difficult to read, but overall it's good (",) A very clever idea and well implemented.

    I'm hoping that the Hokuto Force team revisit a lot more Commodore 64 games and add those much needed endings. How about endings for: H.E.R.O., Big Mac, Dropzone, Spindizzy, Booty, Citadel, Thrust...
  • Andy Vaisey: Nice picture!

    And let's face it, it's not a whiz-bang ending but something is better than the original nothing so kudos to HF! 7/10.
  • Andrew Fisher: I was really impressed when I first heard that Hokuto Force had added an ending, and it's very well executed (although I personally found the text a little hard to read, but it is a different way of displaying the message). 7/10

    And the lost laser-disc game was always too ambitious. Scooby Doo was more suited to an arcade adventure style (flick screen, pick up object A and use it at point B to get past an obstacle).
  • Matt Rogers: I'm gob-smacked at how good that picture is. The use of colour, or illusion of use to be exact, is very impressive.
  • Gaz Spence: A dog of a game but the add on ending brings a touch of pedigree.
  • Brendan Phoenix: This game sucked - was it released full price or did it just appear on that Hit Pak compilation?

    Damn, I still remember seeing the double page ads in early issues of Zzap for the version that was never released - I used to think it looked awesome!

FINAL SAY: A high mark for the idea as well as the ending elements.

G.E. RATING: 7 / 10

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