• Publisher: Ariolasoft
• Developer:
Release Date: 1985
Code: Peter Barna
GFX: A. Sleigh, J. Lowe
Music: Andromeda Software

ZZAP64 Game Rating: 96%
Our Game Rating: 90%


FILE: scarabaeusend.zip

> SCARABAEUS by Ariolasoft

Completed & Comments by Matt Rogers
• Reviewed by Vinny Mainolfi

I've got to apologise to Matt for not adding this ending sooner. I was struggling to work out what I had to do to get to see the actual ending sequence - Matt likes to send me endings which require you to complete the final move :-) Anyway, thanks to Matt, here is the ending sequence to this fine game along with some comments from Matt ...

Matt: "The game revolves around an adventurer, you, who has entered an ancient Egyptian tomb looking for a jewel called the Scarabaeus: a beetle carved out of emerald. As soon as you enter the tomb, however, (before the game
starts) you are bitten by a spider and the poison is slowly killing you. So, not only are you trying to locate the gem, you need find the medicine to stop the poison.

Great, great game. Had it ages, but without instructions I had no idea what to do - really glad I made the effort to find out about it, though.

First level you move through a 3D maze hunting the ghosts that haunt the corridors. If you bump into one you retrieve a hieroglyph - there a nine in total. Once you have them you have to take a dilapidated lift to the second
level where you're chased by spiders, and the third level where the ghosts aren't so friendly. Completing these two levels gets you the medicine but you still need to get the gem.

In the centre of the third level is large tomb with 8 entrances - entering one will present with a tile-puzzle which you have to reassemble to win the emerald - but you only have 40 moves to do it before the puzzle locks. Once it locks, go into another entrance and try again, so you have 8 attempts before it's game over."

The final piece is put in place and the screen starts to fade.

HUH! What on earth is THAT?!?

Phew! It's stopped flashing.

Enter your name. The End.

HOW WAS IT COMPLETED? With a load of time, sweat and elbow grease!

SO WHAT HAPPENS? Once the final piece to the puzzle is placed in the correct position, the screen fades out to reveal the above 1st screen shot. The massive beetle flashes for a while and is accompanied by some sound effects.  The screen then flicks over to the high-score table where the game ends.

COMMENTS: I can see from Matt's comments that he was delighted with the ending, but I suspect that was more so because he spent an age trying to complete the game and was relieved to see that there was an ending.

The ending looks nice enough but it is lacking in originality and entertainment. I am sure that it is providing a satisfactory ending to the story, but I can't help feeling that more could have been added.

FINAL SAY:  Matt was delighted with the end... and felt well-chuffed with himself!

G.E. RATING: 4.5 / 10

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