Saboteur 2

• Publisher: Durell Software
• Developer:
Durell Software
Release Date: 1987
Code: Clive Townsend

GFX: Unknown
Music: Rob Hubbard

ZZAP64 Game Rating: 52%
Our Game Rating: 60%


FILE: saboteur2end.zip


> SABOTEUR 2: Avenging Angel by Durell Software

• Completed & Reviewed by Neil Collins

Saboteur II: Avenging Angel is the sequel to the popular ninja game Saboteur by Durell Software. Having beaten the first one, I decided to have a crack at this sequel...

The game is similar to the original in looks and game play, but it's bigger - much bigger. This time you play the part of a female ninja, and you have the option to select the difficultly level of your mission, which affects your time limit and additional tasks, so it's up to you how simple your mission is. You have to infiltrate the enemy base, collect fourteen pieces of punched tape, re-direct the missiles, deactivate the electric fence and escape by motorbike (on the hardest level). It's bigger and more complicated, but doesn't have the charm of the original game (it's far too similar). Fans of the first game will probably enjoy it, so it's definitely worth a look...

Finally - Street Hawk on the Commodore 64!

A Spectrum port if ever there was one!


Ah Bollix mun. I jist gown un modid a cat or sumat!

Get out of there before the moon falls on you!

It's following you!

Nearly there...

Phew! The End.

HOW WAS IT COMPLETED?: I played it using tips I found online for the Spectrum version.

SO WHAT HAPPENS?: Once the bike is reached and all other parts of the mission are completed successfully, the ninja lady rides it across the screen and through the deactivated electrified fence to freedom. The final screen shows the hero standing next to the motorbike. A message is displayed that reads 'EXCELLENT VALUE. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED'. Pressing the fire button returns you to the title screen.


  • Neil: It's similar to the original ending, but with a different vehicle. Quite disappointing. 2/10.
  • Vinny: As with the original game, I never got into this and so I've never seen the ending until now...

    I know it screams SPECTRUM PORT, but I still like this ending as much as the first one - if not a little better. The original had a helicopter on a static screen, whereas this has a motorbike going through various screens until it reaches the end. BTW - I'm sure there's a spelling mistake in there somewhere! 3/10 from me.

  • Andrew Fisher: Durrell excelled on the Spectrum but never really took advantage of the C64. The bigger map and variety of tasks in Saboteur II is good, but it still feels lacklustre. The ending is alright but it doesn't live up to the drama of the cover picture.

  • Andy Vaisey: Nooooo!!! Hires... run away!!!!!

    I'm sorry, but there are plenty of games that use hires in such a way that there is plenty of colour and variety. This, as with other games from the same developer, is a straight Spectrum port and I'm sorry, I have no time for that...

  • Brendan: I do like the sprite's in these games, even taking into account the speccy-esque look of the game. The ending is nothing to write home about and far to similar to the first.

FINAL SAY: It's more or less what was expected. No thrills here.

G.E. RATING: 3 / 10

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