Robin Hood: L.Q.

• Publisher: Codemasters
• Developer:
Ash & Dave
Release Date: 1992
Code: Ashley Routledge,
.. David Saunders

• Design: The Oliver Twins
Music: Allister Brimble

ZZAP64 Game Rating: 81%
Our Game Rating:


FILE: robinhoodlegendquestend.zip



• Completed & Reviewed by Neil Collins

Robin Hood: Legend Quest by Codemasters is a platform game staring the famous Nottingham outlaw. Your task is to rescue Maid Marion who is being held captive in Nottingham castle. You have to battle your way through numerous screens full of traps and the sheriff's henchmen in order to find her. The graphics are cartoon-like and very colourful in trademark Codemasters style. It's very simple to play and easy to get quite far, but is tricky to beat the game. I quite enjoyed playing this one so check it out if you like this sort of thing.

The End.

The End.

HOW WAS IT COMPLETED?: I cheated. I made Robin invincible.

SO WHAT HAPPENS?: On the final screen you can see Maid Marion on a platform high up on the castle tower. Once you reach her, the game is beaten. The end screen shows Robin and Maid Marion together with some text written above them. The text reads 'THE END. CONGRATULATIONS! AFTER EXPLORING AND FIGHTING YOUR WAY HEROICALLY THROUGH THE DEADLY NOTTINGHAM CASTLE YOU HAVE EVENTUALLY RESCUED YOUR TRUE LOVE MAID MARION! YOU HAVE ALSO RECOVERED ALL THE STOLEN TREASURE. KING RICHARD WILL RETURN SOON. LONG LIVE THE KING!'


  • Neil: A fitting end to this neat little platform game. It's a typical Codemasters ending which isn't too bad. It's nothing special though.

  • Vinny: There's a bit of history between me and this game... I had almost completed my collection of original C64 Codemasters games on tape and only needed one more to complete the whole collection. That final game was Robin Hood: Legend Quest and so I spent almost a year hunting it down and waiting for it to appear on eBay. Finally - I found a copy being sold on Ebay and won the auction (I paid around £2.50), but to my annoyance, I soon found out that I needed another two titles to complete me collection and so the search continued...

    As for the ending... it's a typical rushed job, which is a shame because the game itself is fun to play and pretty well polished. I'd be included to score it 2/10, but I'm happy to leave it with Neil's score.

  • Brendan Phoenix: Yes, a typical Codemasters ending, but a tad better than usual. Predictable - but aren't all these sort of games where you have to rescue a maiden (GoGo the Ghost, Hunchback, Robin to the Rescue, etc) so by law they HAVE to show you together at the end!

  • Andrew Fisher: A very poor ending screen, to be honest.

    I've always felt this and Super Robin Hood (also designed by the Oliver Twins) were over-hyped. Neither of them is a particularly good game.

  • Gaz Spence: The ending has a real dated feel for a '92 game. Very dull.

    As Meman says, the Codies' Robin Hood games are something of a missed opportunity really, boiling down to run-of-the-mill platform games. A pity that the decent '91 Millennium game didn't make it to the 8 bits.

  • Andy Vaisey: I feel exactly the same as Merman and Compounded. The game, like the ending, did nothing for me...

FINAL SAY: Awwwwwww. How lovely...

G.E. RATING: 3 / 10

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