Rick Dangerous 2

• Publisher: Microstyle / Core
• Developer:
Microstyle / Core
Release Date: 1990
Code: Unknown
• GFX: Haydn Dalton
Music: Dave Pridmore

ZZAP64 Game Rating: 75%
Our Game Rating: 82%



FILE: rickdangerous2end.zip


> RICK DANGEROUS 2 by Microstyle / Core Design

• Completed by Frank Gasking
• Reviewed by Vinny Mainolfi

Thanks to Frank Gasking for sending in this game ending a few months ago. Frank sent it in VSF format and it took me a while to convert it to .PRG without crashing (trick is to save the file to TAPE using ACTION REPLAY CART; reload it and then save it to DISK - strange but true!)

If you didn't already know, Rick Dangerous 2 is a sequel to the popular arcade, platform adventure game produced by Core Design. Yet again, you take on the role of the intrepid explorer, Rick Dangerous, who has to battle his way through various trap infested rooms to collect a variety of items that will assist him in defeating the evil Fat Man. With crisp and clean graphics and a vast array of rooms to explore, Rick Dangerous 2 is definitely not a game to miss out on...

So was it worth all the effort? ...

The Final Level.

Rick has found a way out ...

... and steps into the teleporter. "Engage"

"Where did that hat come from?!" - Webmaster

"WHAT THE ...!" - Webmaster

Fat Blokes tries to damage the teleporter but sets it off instead.

Looks like Rick is in for a surprise at the other end!


HOW WAS IT COMPLETED?: I am not quite sure how Frank completed it, but I do remember completing it many moons ago with an infinite lives and energy cheat - bet THAT'S what he did c(",)

SO WHAT HAPPENS?: Finally, Rick gets to the teleporter and activates it to escape from the ship. Just before he leaves, his 'Indiana Jones' hat flies in from the right hand side of the room, where upon he catches it and places it on his bonce. The message, "... and so Rick saves the day by defeating the fat guy and his fleet of robot starships!" appear at the foot of the screen.

Rick disappears but is closely followed by Fat Bloke who obviously wants to surprise Rick at the other end - oo-er, missus! The final message reads, "... what will Rick do next?". Actually, we know what he does ... NOTHING!

The 'GAME OVER' screen appears, which is quickly replaced by a CONGRATULATIONS message.

Dave Pridmore has written a fitting tune that is timed perfectly with the end sequence.


  • Vinny: This game ending isn't going to amaze or shock you, but it does offer the player some food for thought. Unfortunately, it has been a FEW years since this game was produced and there doesn't seem to be any continuation from this 'ending'. What happened to Rick? Are we EVER to see him again?

FINAL SAY: Say 'hello' then wave 'goodbye'

G.E. RATING: 6 / 10

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