Repton 3

• Publisher: Superior Software
• Developer:
As above
Release Date: 1987
Code: R. Kay and M. Robinson

GFX: Unknown
Music: Peter Clarke

ZZAP64 Game Rating: 49%
Our Game Rating: 52%


FILE: repton3end.zip


> REPTON 3 by Superior Software

• Completed & Reviewed by Neil Collins

Repton 3 by Superior Software is the third game in the series of the very popular BBC Micro games. The first two didn't make it to the C64. It's no big loss as they are very poor Boulderdash clones if you ask me. Graphically it's poor, sonically it's not very good and the scrolling is jerky with bland colour schemes throughout and very little action. The one thing to note though is that Repton was programmed by a fifteen year old back in the eighties so much respect to him for his achievements. This game was one of my girlfriends favourite games as she owned a BBC micro back in the eighties. As expected, she had no idea how to play it and couldn't get off the first level, even though she did tell me she was an expert. Why was I not surprised... Anyway, the BBC micro did have some good games: Exile, Imogen, Elite etc, but this one I wouldn't rank as one of the best but it is however very well liked by the BBC micro mob so I'd better stop slating it now just in case they find out where I live...

Yippee... it's all over!

The final message.

The End.

HOW WAS IT COMPLETED?: I used infinite lives and a cheat to decrease the total of diamonds I needed to collect. I still had to get the crowns and defuse the bombs though.

SO WHAT HAPPENS?: Once screen H is completed, the game is beaten and you are given an editor code. On pressing the space bar you get the final text message which reads 'AMAZING! YOU HAVE COMPLETED ALL THE SCREENS. TO ENTER THE COMPETITION MAKE A NOTE OF THE NUMBER BELOW AND WHICH SET OF SCREENS YOU USED'. A numeric code is shown below the message and pressing the space bar again shows your final score before returning to the title screen.


  • Neil: He may have been just fifteen when he programmed Repton, but he's old enough to know that every game needs a decent ending. I'd have stopped his pocket money if I were his dad.

  • Vinny: I don't think that Superior Software ever made that much of an impact on the Commodore 64 market as it did for the BBC Model B computer. I can only really remember Percy Penguin, which was one of my earlier faves, and also Bone Cruncher that came free with an issue of Commodore Format magazine. But that's it. For me, Repton 3 was just a fumbled together, poor man's version of Boulderdash. Saying that - at least Repton 3 had an ending... 

    And so for the ending itself... hmmm... erm, not much going on there. If the tune is unique then I'll give it 2/10, but if it's the standard end of level tune, then it's a 1/10 from me. Poor. Very poor.

  • Frank Gasking: Was never really a fan of the Superior Software games on the C64. Always seemed like they weren't trying that hard compared to the BBC market. I know that Chris Abbott was working on a title for them on the C64, which they never published. Didn't really like Repton that much either and was quite disappointed when CF put both Repton and Bone Cruncher on two covertapes :(

  • Andrew Fisher: I've always liked the Repton games, and the truth is that the original programmer had never seen Boulderdash before he created the first game. Yes, it has similar ideas. But Repton 3 has got a great screen and graphic designer, which adds a lot of value. Used to create my own screens on squared paper and put them into the computer.

    As for the ending, it is poor.

  • Andy Vaisey: Well, the ending is a little different to other poor endings.

    Instead of printing 'Well Done', you get 'Amazing!' printed instead. Got to be worth an extra half mark for imagination?


  • Brendan Phoenix: Never played any of these games - just looked a bit too speccy for me. Another poor ending.

  • Gaz Spence: Another text ending with zero imagination :(

FINAL SAY: Another naff ending. I saw this one coming a mile off.

G.E. RATING: 2 / 10

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