• Publisher: Melbourne House
• Developer:
Silhouette Soft.
Release Date: 1986
GFX: Unknown

ZZAP64 Game Rating: 58%
Our Game Rating: 78%


FILE: redhawkend.zip


> REDHAWK by Melbourne House

• Completed & Reviewed by Neil Collins

Mild mannered Kevin Oliver is no ordinary man. With a simple word he transforms into the superhero Redhawk - a hero on a mission to fight crime and save the city. Which is handy really as it just so happens that the city is over-run with muggers, master criminals and all sorts of bad guys.

The game takes the form of a text based adventure with monochrome, animated comic-book style pictures at the top of the screen. Input is simple, requiring only a basic syntax to perform various tasks. The aim of the game seems to be to find a large bomb under the city and defuse it before it blows, killing everyone including our superhero. Yes, some scientist has suddenly gone nuts and decided to kill everyone for the sheer hell of it. You can converse with numerous characters who can help you on your mission and you can collect and use many items. You can get around by flying as Redhawk or catching trains and taxis as Kevin. These actions cost you money and energy which you can get from catching crooks or resting. The clock is always ticking and you must keep your popularity rating up or its the end for our hero. It's a well balanced adventure which means you are juggling many tasks at once against the clock which sets it apart from many games of this genre.

I really enjoyed playing this although some bits are tricky to complete in the timescale. The puzzles are simple but the clock is the real enemy. This is another title I played years back and never got near completing so I'm quite happy to put this one to bed.

What I want to know is: where does he insert it into?

AGAIN with inserting things! This is getting a little too kinky!

Now what?

Ah! Now that's different.


...He's gone all shy...

The End!

HOW WAS IT COMPLETED?: I saved my game many times. I used a guide and map I found online, but it still took many games to beat as you have to complete everything perfectly and at lightning speed.

SO WHAT HAPPENS?: Once you have all the coloured pass cards and have located the bomb you have to insert the cards in the right sequence to disarm it. A few clicks later a message confirms Redhawk has defused the bomb. Redhawk then says 'SHUCKS! IT WAS NOTHING'. The words 'THE END' then appear in separate windows before you are asked to press 'SPACE' to play the game over.


  • Neil: I expected an end like this, but far longer and far better. 2/10.
  • Vinny: Like Neil, I too used to play this game back in the day and really enjoyed it.

    I was very excited when I found out that Neil has completed Redhawk and that the ending was winging its way over to me... needless to say that I was none too impressed when I actually saw the ending. I was expecting something a little more exciting, humorous and longer :( What we actually got was a very quick and nondescript ending! What's that all about?! 2/10 from me too.
  • Andrew Fisher: Melbourne House released a lot of good adventure games, and I enjoyed the comic book style of this. However, the ending is a let-down.
  • Brendan Phoenix: I too expected better Pah! (in big comic book style writing)

FINAL SAY: Our hero came up with the goods, but he didn't come up with a good ending. Bloody awful!

G.E. RATING: 2 / 10

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