Postman Pat 2

• Publisher: Alternative
• Developer:
Enigma Vari.
Release Date: 1989
Code: Unknown

GFX: Unknown
Music: Barry Leitch

ZZAP64 Game Rating: ??%
Our Game Rating: 80%


FILE: postmanpat2end.zip


> POSTMAN PAT 2 by Alternative Software

• Completed by Neil Collins & Vinny Mainolfi
Reviewed by Neil Collins

Postman Pat II by Alternative is the best of the Pat Trilogy of games, with its large characters and colourful backgrounds...

Thankfully Pat has ditched his crappy red van this time around so the aim is to deliver all his letters on foot to the village folk. As ever, Pat gets roped into other tasks by his friends which will involve searching the village for the relevant item to help them out. You will need to avoid the thieving hens that are loose in the village that will steal your letters and run off with them.

It's not a difficult game, and it all looks and plays quite well. This one is much more suited to the younger player and features a large map at the bottom of the screen to help you find your way around. It's an improvement on the first Postman Pat game, but it's not a game that you will want to play more than once - unless you're under ten years old.

The End!


  • Neil: I whizzed about the village and got all my letters delivered in no time at all.
  • Vinny: I cheated too - but I started the game and froze it with my Action Replay Cartridge, went to MONITOR, and typed 'G 2B72' - which is where the game ending sequence begins ;-)

SO WHAT HAPPENS?: Once the final letter is posted the game is beaten. A message appears on the screen which reads 'CONGRATULATIONS PAT. YOU HAVE DELIVERED ALL THE LETTERS AND COMPLETED YOUR ROUND'.


  • Neil: Looks like they used up all the pretty graphics in the game. Shame they didn't save something for the ending. Very poor. 1/10.
  • Vinny: Oops! Looks like the coding team failed to add a little more pizzaz to the game ending since the last outing. Nothing to see here apart from a standard message. 0.5/10 from me.
  • Andy Vaisey: I was more your 'Jamie and his Magic Torch' kinda kid.

    Anyway, the ending to Pat 2? Shat.
  • Andrew Fisher: The second game in the series and a second-class ending...

FINAL SAY: I expected a nice picture or something at the end of this.

G.E. RATING: 1 / 10

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Copyright İVinny Mainolfi