Phantom of the Asteroid

• Publisher: Mastertronic
• Developer:
Release Date: 1986
Code: Martin Ellis

GFX: Martin Ellis
Music: Rob Hubbard

ZZAP64 Game Rating: 73%
Our Game Rating: 86%

This ending was awarded 'Game Ending of the Week': 12/10/08


FILE: phantomastend.zip




FILE: phantommap.zip


Completed by David Craddock
Reviewed by Vinny Mainolfi
• Map supplied by Michael Jensen

You may all think I (the Webmaster) am sad but I came in my pants when I saw this ending. It had nothing to do with the music or effects, it's just that I have been waiting for 20 years to see this ending - I mean SERIOUSLY waiting to see it. I had given up on the fact that this game had no ending and that the programmer, Martin Ellis, was just fooling us around. How wrong I was ...

There was a little contest on the LEMON C64 forum between myself, Matt Rogers and Dave Craddock to see who could complete this game first - with cheats, obviously! Anyway, it seems that David is 'DA MAN' and that we should all bow down to his greatness and serve him forever more ...

Finally! The teleporter that gets you out of there!

And off you go ...

... just in time because the asteroid has exploded - KABOOOOM.

You bet your ass we completed it - well David did, anyway. The End.

HOW WAS IT COMPLETED?: We ALL cheated! Matt found some POKES on another website which allowed us to walk through the doors and have infinite energy - nice :)

Just as an additional note: Michael Jensen was kind enough to send in this map, which shows the whole MASSIVE playing area of Phantom of the Asteroid. It must have taken an absolute age to create. Anyway, Michael had these words to say about the map:

"To show the size of the game justice I would like you to put a rather large MAP along on the page. We know that the map is not 100% pixel perfect, which is due to JPG compression in the beginning of our mapping. But the map is FINE and it is perfectly GOOD for navigating the huge asteroid.

If you want to print the map I suggest printing on at least 2 by 2 A4 / letter format.

What I really would like to see is someone using this map to perform a “long play video” upload it to Youtube.. even when having the map, the game is still not a simple game to complete… there are still opening and closing of the doors and such, trying to keep energy, fuel, oxygen levels ok…

Please enjoy the map and publish it so others can use it. We will not comment on how many evenings used to take screenshots and putting the image together."

SO WHAT HAPPENS?: Well, once you have found all the pieces to the puzzle you then have to find the teleporter, which will take you off the asteroid before it explodes!

Once on the teleported, you are teleported away and there is a dramatic explosion that signifies the end of the asteroid.

The screen then displays the final message, which reads, "WOW! YOU'VE DONE IT!", and a game ending Rob Hubbard tune plays in the background.


  • Vinny: I a smitten with this ending - honest! You may not think that it deserves such a high mark, but I have been waiting a LONG TIME to see this ending and I am impressed: great explosion, nice final message and a cool piece of Hubbard music - all this from a £1.99 budget title, remember.

  • Brendan Phoenix: Defiantly agree about this era in the C64 history - before budget titles were mainly just re-releases of old full price titles. We really got some excellent original titles - and this was one of them. As you said, it aint the best ending in the World by any means but it was the feeling that this was one of the games we would never see the ending of ( ala Hollywood or Bust ) so it has to get some extra kudos points just for that. The ending tune is a stonking ditty, a fine ending to a fine game.

  • Matthew Rogers: Oh, yes - 86-88 were my years with the summer of 87 hitting the peak. Not that we'd seen the best of what the 64 had to offer, but the Amiga was about to take over, knocking it into the background...ahhh. This brings back good memories, too, with all of us playing to complete it first. The end is very, very satisfying.

  • Andrew Fisher: Good work, guys! What I remember most about this was the long drawn-out death sequence... which we all must have seen a LOT of times, right? :)

FINAL SAY: It's short, sweet and very cool c(",).

G.E. RATING: 8 / 10

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