On The Farm

• Publisher: TND Games
• Developer:
Achim Volkers
Release Date: 2010
Achim Volkers
GFX: Achim Volkers
Music: Richard Bayliss

Our Game Rating: 89%





> ON THE FARM by Achim Volkers

• Completed by Inge Pedersen & Vinny Mainolfi
Reviewed by Vinny Mainolfi

Now and again a little gem of a Commodore 64 game pops up from nowhere and delights, entertains, and amuses me more than other so-called Commodore 64 greats. Here's just one of those delightful games, which was programmed by a guy called Achim Volkers (take a bow my friend) ;)

The aim of the game is to control a sheep who has just escaped from its pen and is running riot around various fields on the farm. Help the sheep to chomp on all of Farmer Dave's crops to advance levels, whilst at the same time avoiding collision with the other animals - 3 strikes and you're out. You can jump on the animals to score points, but watch out for Farmer Dave (in yellow) and his working farmers as you can't jump on them. Also keep a lookout for magic mushrooms: if you let your sheep eat one of those, it will get high, and a life will be lost. You're also against the clock, so you need to keep an eye on that too! All in all it's a fun and very fast game, and kind of reminds me of Hover Bovver by Jeff Minter...

The final piece of grass needs to be eaten to complete the game.

Oh dear. Time to run for it...

"Get him!"

"Go on my son!"


Fooking 'el they're slow!

ZZZzzzzz zzz  zz z   z  z

Heh-heh... that'll teach you for being soooooo slooooow :-)

Allo! What we got ere then?!

Ah! I see :-)

Very nice :-)

The End.

HOW WAS IT COMPLETED?: Inge cheated his way to the end, but I went for the quick and easy approach:

  • Load and start the game

  • Freeze it using an Action Replay Cart

  • Press 'M' for MONITOR

  • Type: G 2912 (this uses the GO command and goes to mem location: $2912, where the ending is situated).

  • The ending will start.

I have since created a crazy hack for this game that has 34 extra in-game features; one of them being the game ending. You can download the crazy hack from the link area above.

SO WHAT HAPPENS?: Once your sheep has eaten the final piece of grass, a Farmer Dave and his dog appear. Dave sets his dog onto your sheep, but your sheep is too fast and dashes off. Father Dave and his dog make a defeated retreat home... but this isn't the end of the story. Our sheep pops back to eat some more grass and spell out the words: "THE END". This is all accompanied by an ending tune by Richard Bayliss.


  • Vinny: As I am sure you are now aware, I love this game, and I also love the ending. It's not big, it's not full of fancy graphics and effects, but it really does complete the game in the same style as it set out with. Nice, cute animate, humour and an ending tune. I'll that's missing are some closing credits, an image, or maybe a scroller.
  • Brendan Phoenix: Not half bad that - defo a thumb's up from me and not a sheep gag in sight!
  • Andrew Fisher: Very good ending, and a fun little game. I'm surprised more people aren't flocking to play it...
  • Andy Vaisey: An odd little game that shouldn't work, but is strangely addictive for some reason. Also includes an ending that provides just the right amount of enjoyment for the effort required. Shame about the Bayliss euro-pop twaddle playing over the top...
  • Gaz Spence: I always respect the guys who put these home brew games out for the love of it. The game harks back to some of the quirky titles from yesterday and has an undeniable charm to it, which carries through to the ending.
  • Stefan Guerilla: Wow, that's one great ending! Really nice idea, flawlessly executed - 7.5 seems just about right to me!

FINAL SAY: I love this one :)

G.E. RATING: 7.5 / 10

 CLICK HERE to view more endings.

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