1000 Kung-fu Maniacs

• Publisher: Psytronik
• Developer:
Alf Yngve
Release Date: 2011
Code: Alf Yngve, Jon Wells, ...Richard Bayliss

GFX: Alf Yngve
Music: Jon Wells

Our Game Rating: 86%


FILE: 1000kfmend.zip


> 1,000 KUNG-FU MANIACS by Psytronik Software

• Completed & Reviewed by Vinny Mainolfi

So what can I tell you about this game? Well - firstly, we don't hear from the creator, Alf Yngve, for years, and then all of a sudden he releases a cool new game on the Psytronik label!

Secondly - following the usual Yngve gaming tradition, it's a SEUCK game with extra umpf. Alf seems to have that amazing ability to take the SEUCK and, along with a few enhancements from Jon Wells and Richard Bayliss, add some cool new features and ideas. And he's done it again with this cool little SEUCK offering...

Just one more person to finish off...

...and your task is complete!

Time for a pat on the back...

and a very funny ending.

Doesn't he go on?!!

Yap, yap, yap, yap, rabbit, rabbit...

Oh - the audience are falling asleep.

Now I'm falling asleep...

The End.

HOW WAS IT COMPLETED?: Typical of me not to play through the game and decide to hack the ending instead! Here's what to do:

  • Load the ending file and freeze it using an Action Replay Cart

  • Press 'M' for MONITOR

  • Type: G 1000 (this uses the GO command and goes to mem location: $1000, where the ending is situated).

  • The ending will start.

By the way - I played through the first part of the game with infinite lives and no sprite collision, courtesy of my Action Replay Cartridge :-)

SO WHAT HAPPENS?: When you get to the end, you hand over the robot to Melvin, and then a 'CONGRATULATIONS' message appears. You are then presented with a four-digit code "1473", which you need to use with the separate ending file. Once the ending file is loaded, enter the code and the final ending commences. You see our hero standing behind a lecture giving a very long and tedious speech, at which point the audience start to fall asleep. The crowd are saved by a falling 'THE END' and the credits scroll along the top. And ending tune is playing throughout.


  • Alf Yngve: My idea for the game's ending was that it would make the hero a dangerously well-meaning fool, who would wreck an entire city just to bring back one lost toy. The end speech was inspired by the speech held by Frank Drebin at the end of THE NAKED GUN 2 1/2.
  • Vinny: Love it! Some really humorous comments and animation in there, some cracking music from Jon Wells and a good closing scroller. I really love this little ending.

  • Andy Vaisey: Pretty decent.
  • Andrew Fisher: There is only one master when it comes to SEUCK games, and that's Alf. The way he builds the presentation into his games is amazing. Alright, so this has enhancements and a separate load, but it all works really well and is a worthwhile ending to a fun little game.
  • Frank Gasking: When I first saw the game, I was completely blown away - this was no normal SEUCK game, but a sideways beat-em-up making excellent use of limited scrolling bullets for moves. So many Alf'esq effects are used brilliantly in this game, which really makes it stand out compared to your usual SEUCK effort. The Hi-res effects are brilliant too.

    As for the ending, firstly you get a reasonable sized ending crammed into the game, and then an excellent separate part. It's not the best ending in the world, but humorous and better than a straight Well Done message. Great game and recommended playing, even if you hate SEUCK games :-)
  • Brendan Phoenix: For a SEUCK game that ending is a bit of all right. Better than many a commercial release. Will do for me!
  • Gaz Spence: Any ending's that inspired by Naked Gun gets my thumbs up. Now, where's my stuffed beaver?

FINAL SAY: I'm loving it, loving it...

G.E. RATING: 7 / 10

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Copyright İVinny Mainolfi