Ninja Massacre

• Publisher: Codemasters
• Developer:
Release Date: 1989
Code: John Ferrari

GFX: Unknown
Music: Matt Gray

Our Game Rating: 88%


FILE: ninjamassacreend.zip


> NINJA MASSACRE by Codemasters

• Completed & Reviewed by Vinny Mainolfi & Neil Collins

I remember spending a lot of my time playing this Gauntlet clone. The game has a certain appeal that keeps you coming back for more. As well as playing well, it also looks nice and sounds superb thanks to Matt Gray's thumping tunes.

Unfortunately, back in 1989, I couldn't manage to complete Ninja Massacre, but 20 years down the line, I stumbled upon a Derbyshire Ram (AKA Barry Joynes) crack that contained a trainer, which offered the player infinite lives and energy. That'll do me...

There are fifty levels to beat of this martial arts based action game. It's a one or two player game which really needs to be played with a friend to get the best out of it. You can fire shuriken and collect magic power-ups to help you fight the relentless hordes of bad guys. It's a very simple game with basic graphics and gameplay, but it's fun to play and there are plenty of levels to keep you busy for a while. Not a bad little budget release.

The final level is near-on complete!

Through the final doorway and we're done.

The End.

HOW WAS IT COMPLETED?: We both cheated by using a cool little trainer by the late and great Barry Joynes.

SO WHAT HAPPENS?: Once you reach the final exit, you walk through and an ending message appears, which reads: "WELL DONE YOUNG MAN. YOUR TASK IS COMPLETE".


  • Vinny: This ending is a patronising load of cod shit. All that effort and game play to be called "young man." What a fooking pile of poop. As for the ending tune, as much as I like it - it's a thumping tune - it's the standard title screen tune! Where is the specific game ending tune by Matt Gray! :( Actually, isn't this tune from another game?

  • Neil: If you manage to beat the last level (which is quite tricky), you get to see the ending message. If you blink, you will miss it.

    The ending made me laugh. It's so bad, it's almost good... a tiny message that appears on the screen for a split second. I think even the programmer was embarrassed by this ending.

  • Brendan Phoenix: Never even heard of this one! That ending is shocking. Young Man! Is this a Harry Enfield sketch?

FINAL SAY: It certainly is a massacre :(

G.E. RATING: 1 / 10

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