Never Ending Story

• Publisher: Ocean
• Developer:
Release Date: 1985
Code: Ian Weatherburn

GFX: Steve Cain
Music: Martin Gallway

ZZAP64 Game Rating: 65%
Our Game Rating: 83%


FILE: neverendingstoryend.zip



• Completed by David Craddock
Reviewed by Vinny Mainolfi

# ...it's the answer to a never ending story... oooo-o-oooo-o-oooo-o...# This takes me back; this really takes me back. I actually purchased this game on the day it was released for four reasons: 1. because I wanted to hear the new Gallway tune; 2. I was into text adventures at the time; 3. I loved the look of the graphics on the tape inlay; and 4. I had the money to waste/spend at the time. I must say... I wasn't disappointed with my purchase, but I was a little upset that the game was a tad too difficult for me. Actually - to be honest, I was never really good at text adventures...

Go 'EAST' to finish the game.

The Empress congratulates you...

...and you fly off into the sunset.

The End.

HOW WAS IT COMPLETED?: I think David used a walkthrough/solution that is available on the Net. If you would like a copy of a solution, CLICK HERE. Thanks to Tom Hayes, the author of the solution, for allowing us to make this available to you.

SO WHAT HAPPENS?: Once you have entered the Empresses' quarters (oo-er, missus), she congratulates you on making Bastian believe in Fantasia. She then states that Fantasia can now be restored. You then set off to begin rebuilding Fantasia.


  • Vinny: It's a typical text adventure ending with an epilogue, but with some additional graphics - but nothing much. I was hoping for a Gallway ending tune, but maybe that was wishful thinking. All in all - a 'kind of' satisfactory ending for a text adventure. It just could have been much better.

  • Brendan Phoenix: I like it - much better than most text adventure game endings I have seen - most tend to end in a very abrupt manner.

    Least there is a good epilogue and some ok static pics!

  • Frank Gasking: I thought the Never Ending Story ending was pretty cool!... especially for a text adventure game!... Normally it used to be just a basic "Congratulations" message on the old GAC/Quill based games, where as you get some nicely illustrated shots by Simon Butler as a bonus in the Ocean ones. Hunchback the Adventure will probably have a very similar type of ending as I think its by the same people.

  • Andrew Fisher: I quite like that ending, pictures are nice.

    Just think, a couple of years later and it would have probably been turned into a multi-level platformer with a puzzle bonus game... The text adventure probably suited the source material better though!

  • Andy Vaisey: Pretty decent for the age of the game.

FINAL SAY: It is what it is...

G.E. RATING: 5 / 10

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