Mutant Monty

• Publisher: Artic Computing
• Developer:
Artic Computing
Release Date: 1984
Code: John Prince
Creator: John Prince
Music: John Prince

Our Game Rating: 72%


FILE: mutantmontyend.zip

> MUTANT MONTY by Artic Computing

Completed and Reviewed by Vinny Mainolfi

I used to love playing Bear Bovver and World Cup by Artic Computing; they really rocked my world in 1984 (sad, I know). But for some reason, Mutant Monty seemed to slip through my radar without being detected. I know I would have loved playing it back then, but looking at it now, it hasn't really aged well. and, is this the same Monty of Monty on the Run? Thought not.

The Damsel is finally rescued.

The End.

HOW WAS IT COMPLETED?: I'm not too sure how I completed this one! The infinite lives cheat doesn't seem to be activated, and I really don't see myself playing through 40 levels without a cheat ;-)

SO WHAT HAPPENS?: Once Monty reaches the Damsel, a small ditty of Cliff Richards' "congratulations" is played and then bonus points are dished out. The ending closes with the message: "WELL DONE - MONTY SAVED THE DAMSEL. BET YOU CAN'T DO IT AGAIN".

COMMENTS: There really isn't much to say about this ending. It was 1984, but I'm sure the programmer, John Prince, could have added a little more to it.

FINAL SAY: A pile of pants :-(

G.E. RATING: 1.5 / 10

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