Mugsy's Revenge

• Publisher: Melbourne House
• Developer:
Beam Software
Release Date: 1986
Code: Andrew Davie

GFX: Russel Comte
Music: Neil Brennan

ZZAP64 Game Rating: 64%
Our Game Rating: 84%


FILE: mugsysrevenueend.zip


> MUGSY'S REVENGE by Melbourne House

• Completed & Reviewed by Brendan Phoenix

I used to love this game - the animated sequence in the pool hall rocks - especially when the guy pulls the blind down! Still looks great even today.

Mugsy's Revenge is a very basic little game that only runs over 8-10 game years. In that time you have to build a mini empire running speakeasy's, hookers and illegal booze. You can hire heavies, have people bumped off and make 'donations' to the police. It's a fun little game and is not too taxing. All made up of Y or N keyboard inputs and numbers, asking how much you want to charge for beer, etc. Every so often there is a little action sequence where you have to shoot the bad guys - very basic.


The End.

HOW WAS IT COMPLETED?: No cheating... honest!

SO WHAT HAPPENS?: The game is complete when you have survived the whole game, at which point you are told booze is now legal and it gives you a run down of what you got away with. The standard "GAME OVER" screen then displays.


  • Brendan: I do have a soft spot for this one. As a kid I loved it, looking back now it is really a rather simple and repetitive game, but it still holds a certain charm. Although I think they could have done without that awful shooting section.

    Just a pity there is not too much depth or things to do. A few more screens would not have gone a miss.

    I still love that pool hall animation. The music has a certain charm and fits the scene brilliantly.

    The ending though is very disappointing, they could have easily got some pics of there of Mugsy enjoying some early retirement or an ending in the vein of the pool hall scene would have been very special. Instead, just left with some lacklustre text and a final screen which is shown already whatever happens in the game. Very poor.

    I wonder why the first Mugsy game was never released on the 64? Maybe Frank knows?? Was it ever scheduled to be released? Strange how they did the follow up but not the original. Has that ever happened before where the 64 got the sequel to a game but not the original?

  • Vinny: I used to play this game for hours on end hoping to either see some new screens, or the ending - which I hoped would also produce some new screens that I hadn't seen. Unfortunately, I wasn't ever good at playing this game and so I didn't see the ending. Until now.

    Hmmm... I was convinced that the ending to this game was going to be really cool, but it seems I have been totally let down. Surely the programmers could have created another great picture just for the ending. As much as I really like this game, I feel that the ending has let it down somewhat.

  • Andrew Fisher: Never really liked this, so little to do - I have to agree with the review I read in Your Commodore, it is poor.

    And the ending is a real shame, surely a picture of a big pile o' cash or something would have been more appropriate?

  • Andy Vaisey: Sorry Vinny, I disagree with the C64 Endings overall score of 86%. There is so little to do in this game beyond a few key presses. Value for money? Methinksnot. I understand where you're coming from though. The thought of influencing a game with choices (a la Rockstar Ate My Hamster) is intriguing, but like that game, the choices are so limited, you don't really feel like you're influencing anything and when you've seen all the eye candy once, there's little more to come back for.

    Sorry to be so contradictory...

    I do agree with Andrew's comment about the end pic. Odd (poor) choice...

  • Kungfufurby: Terrible news, boss! We forgot the ending picture!

FINAL SAY: It beats me how ZZAP! 64 magazine only gave this 33%!

G.E. RATING: 2 / 10

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