Monty Python's F.S.

• Publisher: Virgin Games
• Developer:
Core Design
Release Date: 1990
Code: Chris Long

GFX: Simon Phipps
Music: Dave Pridmore

ZZAP64 Game Rating: 47%


FILE: montypythonend.zip



• Completed by Inge Pedersen
Reviewed by Vinny Mainolfi

I was never too sure about Monty Python. Don't get more wrong; I do like it, but sometimes it can be a little boring and other times it can be incredibly funny. My brother and I used to watch them late at night on BBC2 back in the 70s and 80s. I can't say I have been too eager to watch them again...

As for the game... well I can honestly say that because ZZAP! 64 magazine scored it a measly 47%, I decided not to bother with it. Just as well judging by the ending...

Kick some batty...

...and the end is yours.

Just the final door to blast...

...and some extra points.

The End!

HOW WAS IT COMPLETED?: Inge is a total and utter cheat! Praise be the power of the Inge ;)

SO WHAT HAPPENS?: Once you exit the final stage, you receive your bonus points and then the ending message appears, which reads: "CONGRATULATIONS MR. GUMBY. YOU MAY NOW SET FORTH INTO THE CITY AND PURSUE AN EXCITING CAREER AS A CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT."


  • Inge: I give you this, to save Brendan from getting too frustrated. I've just used the two cheats I mentioned on the forum. The first picture shows the last boss in the game. To finish, just walk right.

  • Vinny: I've never played this game because I was a little put off by ZZAP! 64's overall score of 47%. Probably just as well I didn't play it knowing now that the ending is cack. A simple piece of text and that's it :(

  • Andy Vaisey: When coding the ending, the programmer didn't expect the C64 Endings inquisition! Both games and ending are rubbish. Know what I mean? Know what I mean? Nudge nudge. Nudge nudge! Know what I mean? Say no more...Know what I mean?

    And now for something completely different...

  • Andrew Fisher: I always felt it was a clever approach to putting across elements of the TV show.

    No it isn't

    Yes it is. It's based on the Terry Gilliam animations and several of the key characters/sketches. There are also some clever touches, like the hidden bonus rooms, the Cheeselock protection system and the way the score counts down instead of up.

    And it's a good ending.

    No it isn't.

  • Brendan Phoenix: Always though the series was a tad overrated; however, the game was given universal bad reviews and it is indeed a stinker with no redeeming features - not even a good ending!

  • Gaz Spence: About as animated as a dead parrot. I'd have definitely gone back to the shop for a refund if I'd had the misfortune to buy this stiff.

FINAL SAY: This ending is cack. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say-n'more...

G.E. RATING: 0.5 / 10

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