Miami Vice

• Publisher: Ocean
• Developer:
Release Date: 1986
Code: Unknown
GFX: Unknown
Music: Martin Galway

ZZAP64 Game Rating: 30%
Our Game Rating: 30%


FILE: miamiviceend.zip

> MIAMI VICE by Ocean

Completed & Reviewed by Neil Collins

Miami Vice - probably one of the most awkward, difficult, confusing and damn-right frustrating games ever created. I think nearly everyone who bought it just loaded it up and listened to the cool music (Yep - Vinny), as they had no idea how to play it - even with the instructions! Your aim is to capture criminals and extract information from them about a huge deal that is going down near the waterfront on Thursday. You need to get there at the exact time and arrest Mr. J - the biggest criminal of them all. The control system is a nightmare and you have to get to various locations to break up criminal meetings that take place within impossibly tight timescales. How anyone could get anywhere in this game is beyond me.

Pulled up outside Rico's Warehouse.

Arrested! The End.

HOW WAS IT COMPLETED?: Using a map, and a cracked version which allowed me to drive anywhere and stop/restart the clock. This was kindly supplied by fellow C64endings team member, Matthew Rogers (thanks buddy). These helped a great deal - but the game is still very difficult. After getting all the info from the criminals, you then have to work out which of them are true by trial and error. Very frustrating. This eventually gives you a lead for the following day. This lead then yields another lead with less information (you aren't told the location of the contact), so you have to try all the locations on the map at the time you are given. Even more frustrating. Finally, you are given Mr. J's location but no time. So I had to stake the place out for 12 hours, and raid it at 20 minute intervals, in the hope of catching Mr. J. Finally at 10.40am on Thursday at the Rico Warehouse I caught Mr. J in the act.

SO WHAT HAPPENS?: Mr J puts his hands up. Crockett and Tubbs finally get their man. The border then flashes various colours and the game resets.


  • Neil: Absolute, utter crap. I expected it to be crap and it was. Although I do feel satisfied having completed this game that has baffled many people for years...

  • Vinny: I thought the game was okay, but difficult to control at times. The music is superb - obviously - but the game play just lacked originality. I never completed it due to frustration and a little boredom. I do remember playing it with a cheat that allowed me to drive into the buildings, which was kind of fun :)

    As for the ending... OMG - what a pile of pants! Was it asking too much to have a cool ending tune and some cool Miami Vice picture?! :(

  • Andrew Fisher: I never played this back in the 80s, and gave up quickly on it when I did play it in emulation. The core idea of the game is good, but badly implemented. And that is a terrible ending.

  • Brendan Phoenix: Was another poor Ocean tie-in, apart from the Galway track there are no redeeming features of this game - the end included.


  • Stefan Guerilla: I actually bought this game back in the day. What a pile of crap... the base idea wasn't that bad, you have to take down criminals and receive leads in case you are successful. The goal is to finally hunt down Mr. J based upon the leads - which usually just consist of a location and a time to find the next criminals. You had to show up within a certain time I think - if you showed up too soon, the criminals wouldn't show up. If you came too late, they'd be gone already.

    What blew it for me was that the leads are given randomly - at one point, the very first lead I got was one for Mr. J! Needless to say I crashed on my way or was too late or something. But since I figured that the leads were spread on random, I put the game aside for good.

    The end is miserable - I think that's the same scene you see when a random criminal is caught. 0/10 for me here - good thing I stopped playing this game rather sooner than later!

FINAL SAY: Appalling. Do I win a prize for being mad enough to complete it?

G.E. RATING: 1 / 10

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