Mean Streets

• Publisher: Access Software
• Developer:
Carver Prod.
Release Date: 1989
K. Homer, B. ...Erickson, D. Curtin, R. Carver
GFX: Jon Clark, John Berven
Music: Unknown

Our Game Rating: 89%


FILE: meanstreetsend.zip


> MEAN STREETS by Access Software

• Completed by Ricky Derocher
Reviewed by Vinny Mainolfi

Now here's a game that I have never played, and to be honest, it's not really my cup of tea. But then again, judging by the cool screen shots and comments that have been made by other C64 enthusiasts, maybe I should give it a little attention. If you didn't know what the game was all about then Ricky Derocher has kindly provided a synopsis...

During your investigation in this game as Tex Murphy, PI of the death of scientist Carl Linsky, you uncover a secret plot called OVERLORD, which is a plan to rule the world with mind control. A company called MTC corp., is heading up the project and hired 8 scientists to work on the project, one of them was Carl Linsky. Most of the scientists end up getting murdered. During your investigation you learn that one of the scientists, put a self destruct safeguard into the main Nexus computer being used for the project, which only could be activated if Nexus passcards from each of the scientists were put into the computer, with a password given for each one...

Countdown is progressing...

Everything is silent...

## KA-BOOM ##

Yay - good old Tex.

Wow! That's some epilogue...

...and more!

"I'd certainly like to take you for a ride, luv. Yak, yak, yak"
[said in a Sid James voice]

"You built a time machine... out of a Delorean?"


The End.

HOW WAS IT COMPLETED?: Get this! Ricky played through the whole game without cheating. Superb!

SO WHAT HAPPENS?: The gameplay ends when you find the main computer in MTC corp.’s secret lab on Alcatraz, and insert all the passcards, and enter the right passwords. The game ending then kicks in, which shows the main computer starting up the self destruct sequence which blows up the satellite that was to be used to send the signals to control people's minds. This is followed by an image of a newspaper headline reading: "TEX SAVES WORLD. DIABOLICAL PLOT EXPOSED!" An epilogue along with some pictures is displayed, and then finally a flying car shoots into the sunset and the words, "THE END" are revealed. This is all accompanied by some spot effects and an ending tune.


  • Vinny: Now this ending really deserves 10/10, but I just can't do it. I have watched it over and over again and it's sooooooo lacking in the sonix department. But then again - does the vast amount of epilogue and graphics make up for it? Arrrgghh...

  • Brendan Phoenix: Firstly let me say that the later Tex Murphy games are some of my faves of ALL TIME, Under a Killing Moon, Overseer and The Pandora Directive - stunning FMV adventure games, great storylines and puzzles.

    Chris Jones (who I also think co-wrote the games) plays Tex and he is brilliant. What a pity the adventure scene has died a death - can only read Tex's adventures now ( hink they did a radio serial as well) but without a doubt Tex Murphy is one of the great computer game characters.

    Now this ending - wow! Without a doubt the best we have seen on the site for some time. A proper movie like ending ala Project Firestart (from memory that didn't have the best sonix either - but did have multiple endings I suppose!)

    You can really see time and effort has been put in with this one, if you completed this for this first time and was presented with that ending sequence I would be really chuffed.

    If only all game endings could be this good!

  • Andrew Fisher: That is an impressive ending, with a couple of animation sequences and rounding off the story nicely. It's not a game I've tried as I was put off by Commodore Format's opinion and description of long loading times. The digitised graphics I have seen from the game look a little rough around the edges, but it was an interesting technique for the time. 9/10.

  • Andy Vaisey: Not a bad effort at all! Might have been nice if those digi-pics had been tidied up by hand, but satisfying nether less. And lets face it, those of us with an XY chromosome can't resist a big explosion, no?!?!?

  • Gaz Spence: Wow! Riding a Countach into the sunset is truly an 80's wet dream of mine (".) Mean Streets was the sort of game that didn't really work on the c64, but the ending is still deeply excellent.

FINAL SAY: So close to being a Gold Medal, but just not good enough (".)

G.E. RATING: 9 / 10

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