Mask III

• Publisher: Gremlin Graphics
• Developer:
As above
Release Date: 1988
Code: Mark Charles Rogers

GFX: Steve Kerry
Music: Ben Daglish

ZZAP64 Game Rating: 70%
Our Game Rating: 78%


FILE: mask3end.zip


> MASK III: Venom Strikes Back by Gremlin Graphics

• Completed & Reviewed by Neil Collins

Mask III - Venom Strikes Back by Gremlin Graphics is the best of the Mask game series (also see Mask). I don't remember much about the Mask cartoons as a kid. I think I was getting a bit too old for all that stuff when it first came out. All I remember is the fact that the different characters had different helmets that gave them special abilities. This is true in the computer game, which is a half decent horizontally scrolling platform game. You have to run, jump and blast your way through various landscapes, collecting masks as you go which give you special powers to overcome specific obstacles. It's quite a challenge, as the mask powers drain with usage, so you need to use them sparingly to survive. The sprites are large and colourful, and the backgrounds are varied and well drawn. It looks as though the game was aimed at the younger generation, but I doubt any young kid could progress very far as the game is quite difficult later on. My main criticism of the game is that the control method is very unforgiving - so one slightly misplaced jump will end in a loss of one of your lives.

Almost there!

The End.

HOW WAS IT COMPLETED?: Using an infinite energy and weapons cheat. I tried playing without any cheats and it really was very difficult to get anywhere.

SO WHAT HAPPENS?: At the end of the final level, you encounter Venom's secret weapon - A serpent armed with a huge gun. Once you have taken care of him the game ends. A screen is then displayed confirming that good has triumphed once again, Venom has been vanquished, Scott Trakker has been rescued and that all is well with the world. Not bad for ten minutes work ! The game then restarts.


  • Neil: Quite a poor ending. With all those bright, colourful graphics within the game, I'm sure Gremlin could have slipped a neat animated ending in somehow.
  • Vinny: I totally agree with Neil and expected the same: some kind of ending that mirrors the colourful graphics that you get used to seeing when playing the game. A real let down :( 1.5/10 from me.
  • Andrew Fisher: Agree that it is the best of the three games, but it is a poor ending. I read Battle/Eagle which ran a brief MASK strip before it got its own mag - but I never had the toys or watched the cartoon.
  • Brendan Phoenix: Never a fan of the series - we needed a Ulysses 31 game!

    Poor ending - typical of many Gremlin releases.

FINAL SAY: Not very good. It's basically just a page of text. How dull.

G.E. RATING: 2 / 10

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