• Publisher: Psygnosis
• Developer:
E&E Software
Release Date: 1994
Code: Thomas Mittelmeyer
GFX: Leon van Rooy
Music: Jeron Tel

ZZAP64 Game Rating: 97%
Our Game Rating: 95%

This ending was awarded 'Game Ending of the Week': 17/07/09


FILE: lemmingsend.zip


> LEMMINGS by Psygnosis

• Completed & Reviewed by Vinny Mainolfi

Thanks to the programming team of Lemmings there are quite a few people out there who ended up eating their own words. They said that it couldn't be done on a Commodore 64 and that there was no way that our beloved bread bin could cope with all the animated lemmings - how wrong they were!

So amazing achievements aside, did the programming team reward us C64 game playing freaks with a stunning game ending? ...

The proud programming team holding a lemming. The End.

HOW WAS IT COMPLETED? I just used a simple level-skip cheat :)

SO WHAT HAPPENS? Once you have completed the last level (I used the cheat!) you are treated to a digitised screen showing the programming team holding up a Lemming. This is accompanied by a digitised round-of-applause and then some cute music by Jeron Tel (Maniac of Noise).


  • Vinny: I must admit, after seeing this game ending a few times I began to feel that the programming team ran out of time and just whipped together this small ending, which really has nothing to do with the game's storyline.

  • Thomas Mittelmeyer (programmer of Lemmings): The original Amiga sequence featured a picture of the team responsible for the game (DMA Design), as well as a sampled applause - we decided to do the same, but with our pictures. After we took photographs of ourselves standing around a box (which doesn't even slightly resemble a lemming, but was the first thing we found that was the right size after Jeroen's cat escaped!) we spent the rest of the day sampling our cheering, clapping, stamping and whistling - the result is great! But you'll have to work your way through 100 levels before you can witness this marvelous piece of programming (heh heh!).

  • Andrew Fisher: Vinny, it's a recreation of the Amiga ending, which had DMA Designs posing around the lemming. And the C64 team created new sound (sampled applause and cheers) just for the ending. I'd say that's worth bumping it up to at least a 7 :-)

  • Brendan Phoenix: Just watched the clip of this for the first time, the sampled claps and cheers are indeed pretty cool, but I feel the 6/10 is pretty justified.

FINAL SAY: It's cool to see just the once, but don't ruin it by watching it again and again (".)

G.E. RATING: 6 / 10

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