Knight Rider

• Publisher: Ocean Software
• Developer:
Release Date: 1986
Code: G. Harrison, K. Grieve

GFX: G. Harrison, K. Grieve
Music: G. Harrison, K. Grieve

ZZAP64 Game Rating: 16%
Our Game Rating: 23%




> KNIGHT RIDER by Ocean Software

• Completed & Reviewed by Neil Collins

Knight Rider by Ocean is one of those titles you wanted badly as a kid, due to the popularity of the TV show. If you were unfortunate enough to have paid out for it, you will know that the game is a complete disgrace. A fine example of software houses ripping off kids by using TV show licences to draw them in... Scoring a whopping 16% in Zzap64, it's as much fun to play as it is listening to the Hoffmeister sing - so please spare yourself the pain and play something else.

The game is split into 3 sections: one being a driving game, one being a map screen where you plot your course of action and the other being an overhead view of a room, where you wander about avoiding enemies. The graphics are poor, the action is non-existent and the repetitiveness is overwhelming. It's a simple case of 'go here' then 'go there' then finally 'go here' to beat it.

If you find this game entertaining in any way, I suggest you book an appointment with a professional to have your head examined...

Well done Michael... you completed a shite game!


The End.

HOW WAS IT COMPLETED?: I used a cheat that made me invincible.

SO WHAT HAPPENS?: There are five missions to beat - all as boring as each other and all with the same outcome. On completion you get a tiny scrolling message at the bottom of the screen which reads 'Well done Michael. You have done it again. The president sends his personal thanks'. The game then restarts when you press the fire button.


  • Neil: I'm not at all surprised with this. This poor game deserves a poor ending. 1/10.
  • Vinny: Erm... I was one of those gullible idiots who fell for the bull-shit of marketing... yes - I purchased a copy of this absolute SHITE game. As much as I love the TV programme this really is a piece of crap in SOOOOOOOOO many ways and I was seriously pissed off that I'd gone and spent £10 of my birthday money on something so dire! Give me my fooking money back!!

    As for the ending... KITT - you're fooking useless! 1/10 from me too!
  • Andrew Fisher: From a very poor period in Ocean's history, developed out of house and rushed to a deadline. The idea is fine, the implementation is horrible. Little surprise at it having a poor ending. Deserves the same fate as K.A.R.R...
  • Gaz Spence: No surprises that the ending is so awful. Ocean should be ashamed for releasing such a sub standard licence but I suppose they have previous.
  • Brendan Phoenix: I'm sure - correct me if I am wrong. Gary Bracey came into Ocean at a time when this was in development hell and basically just ensured a product was released given the costs involved.

    The ad's were in the magazines for so long, people had forgotten the game by the time it came out.

    No coincidence that Knight rhymes with shi*te and KITT with sh*t.
  • Andy Vaisey: Wow! P..P..P..POOOOR all round! Never played this or had the inclination to.

    Interestingly, I remember all the adverts in ZZAP!, as well as the review, but I don't actually ever remember this popping up on the shelf of my then local, independent (and usually very well stocked) software shop. Maybe even they had standards and refused to stock it! ;-)
  • Guerilla: I pity anybody who spent more than 5 minutes playing this crap game - oh boy!

FINAL SAY: Shite Rider.

G.E. RATING: 1 / 10

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