• Publisher: Alligata
• Developer:
Release Date: 1983
Code: Anthony Crowther

GFX: Anthony Crowther
Music: Anthony Crowther

ZZAP64 Game Rating: n/a
Our Game Rating: 78%




> KILLERWATT by Alligata

• Completed & Reviewed by Neil Collins

Killerwatt by Alligata is a typically odd game by Tony Crowther. You control a weird looking spacecraft around a side-scrolling level full of weird creatures and obstacles. The aim is to shoot all the light bulbs and reach the end of the level. It's not much of a challenge, but it plays well and has all the hallmarks of a Crowther production. It's a game I remember playing as a kid, but not really understanding what to do. Once you work it out, it's very easy to beat. It's not a game that I'd go back to, but it's worth a quick blast at least once.

"The end in sight..."

The End.

HOW WAS IT COMPLETED?: I loaded it, played it, beat it, saved the end and then turned it off.

SO WHAT HAPPENS?: At the end of the level is a switch you must fire at. You can only do so if you have shot all of the light bulbs. Once you hit it, the spaceship floats down, a long tunnel appears and the spaceship zooms along it back to the beginning of the level. A 5000 point bonus message appears on the screen and your score is increased. Your ship returns to the start position and you get to play the game over.


  • Neil: A short bit of animation, but there's no congratulations or anything exciting. This one is very dull. Avoid it. 1/10.
  • Vinny: Don't get me wrong... I do love Tony Crowther's games such as Kettle, Bombuzal, Blagger, and Trap, but there are a few of his games that I could quite happily live without... and this is one of them (along with Monty Mole and William Wobbler!) It's far too quirky for me and appears unfinished - which let's be honest, it was probably the Crowther style!

    With regards to the game ending... Mr Crowther doesn't really do game ending, and so it's no surprise that this one only deserves 1/10.
  • Andy Vaisey: Other than a small few of the very good games Vinny mentions above, I was never usually impressed with Crowther's games; they never really appealed to me for some reason.

    This game and ending is no different. I'm nonplussed with the game and disillusioned with the ending.

    Kudos to Neil for completing without cheats!
  • Andrew Fisher: First time I ever played it (on a compilation of Alligata titles) I was quite impressed.
    Playing it again now there are a lot of rough edges.
    The basic idea is still sound.

    Frustrating to find out that that is all there is at the end - a bit of a dim bulb instead of a bright spark.
  • Brendan Phoenix: Crowther's endings always disappoint and this is another.

FINAL SAY: Not much of an ending really :(

G.E. RATING: 1 / 10

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