• Publisher: Epyx
• Developer: Epyx
Release Date: 1983
Code: Randy Glover
GFX: Randy Glover
Music: Randy Glover

Our Game Rating: 87%

This ending was awarded 'Game Ending of the Week': 17/04/09


FILE: jumpmanend.zip


> JUMPMAN by Epyx

Completed & Reviewed by Vinny Mainolfi

Can you believe it? This game is 23 years old!! I remember playing this game to death and never expecting a game ending sequence - games in them days were mainly high-score orientated. So to my amazement, I have actually discovered, 23 years on, that the game DOES in fact posses an ending - NO WAY!

Without further a do, here it is ...

Jumpman completes the final destination.

A rocket ship comes to collect Jumpman ...


... and takes him home. The End.

HOW WAS IT COMPLETED?: I ... erm ... used a level-skip cheat (come on! it's me you're talking to!)

SO WHAT HAPPENS?: Once Jumpman has completed the final screen and is given a BIG scoring bonus, the screen changes to show Jumpman being taken away in a rocket ship and safely transported to his homeland. At the foot of the screen is the message, "MISSION COMPLETED! FINAL SCORE ######".

A short tune is playing to accompany the final sequence.


  • Vinny: I am TOTALLY astonished that this game actually has and ending, and it isn't bad either. The programmer, Randy Glover, obviously had an ending in mind when writing this game and it was well executed: nice, sound, animation and story ending.

  • Andrew Fisher: Well, I never played Jumpman back in the 1980s... Nice to see that there was a brief ending sequence in there.

  • Brendan Phoenix: To be honest, I think it deserves slightly higher than a 6. Back in 1984 I would be pretty pleased to see this ending, hell it's better than some which came 10yrs later. Basic ditty, but good to see the rocket come down, collect our guy and fly off into the distance. Not bad at all

  • Andy Vaisey: I always find it amusing that these older games have some kind of ending other than the bog standard 'Congrats' message. Having said that, I'm sure the simplicity of the GFX and code in these games meant there was memory left over, whereas later games used more of the C64, thus resulting in less room. Is that really an excuse though?

FINAL SAY: It's kind of a lost trinket that has been found!

G.E. RATING: 6 / 10

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Copyright İVinny Mainolfi