• Publisher: Taskset
• Developer:
Release Date: 1983
T. Gibson, M. Harrison
GFX: Tony Gibson
Music: Tony Gibson

Our Game Rating: 82%


FILE: jamminend.zip


> JAMMIN' by Taskset

• Completed by David Craddock
Reviewed by Vinny Mainolfi

Taskset were great. Back in the early eighties they produced some cracking games with some ingenious and inventive game play - not forgetting fun to play too. Even though it was earlier on in the Commodore 64's life when these games were released, they always seemed to be colourful, energetic and very, very playable - as well as being a cut above the rest. Games such as Bozo's Night Out, Poster Paster, Super Pipeline, and Seaside Special, Taskset really set the pace for future Commodore 64 games...

Nearly there; just the guitar to get into place...


The final level is complete.


The End!

HOW WAS IT COMPLETED?: I'm not too sure how David completed this one.

SO WHAT HAPPENS?: Hmmmm... I'm not quite sure. After setting the final item in place (the guitar), our hero becomes an expanded sprite with all the items around him. You then get the 'GAME OVER' message and the high score entry screen.


  • Vinny: This is a strange one... I did actually complete this back in the day, but forgot what the ending was like. After playing the final level (David supplied me with a file that still required the final item to be positioned) it appears that you get a strange sprite animation routine and then the 'GAME OVER' screen. That's it! I didn't actually expect an ending, and my expectation were almost met. 0.5/10. Very Poor.

  • Brendan Phoenix: Really poor, but will cut it some slack as it's an alright game. Wonder if this was the first commercial game to have a black character as it's lead??

  • Andrew Fisher: I'm a big fan of the game, although I actually played the sequel Beat It! before I played this... Shame it doesn't do much.

  • Andy Vaisey: A decent enough game given the age, quite original. I'd cut it some slack too, but that is no excuse really for such a poor ending...

FINAL SAY: No comment :(

G.E. RATING: 0.5 / 10

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