International Speedway

• Publisher: Silverbird
• Developer:
Probe Software
Release Date: 1988
Kevin T. Green
GFX: Steven Murray
Music: David Dunn

ZZAP64 Game Rating: 49%
Our Game Rating: 62%


FILE: intspeedwayend.zip



• Completed by Neil Collins & Vinny Mainolfi
Reviewed by Neil Collins

I know very little about speedway apart from the fact that they use special bikes that skid around a muddy track umpteen times in order to find out who is the quickest...

International Speedway is a motorbike racing game by software publisher Silverbird. The game is very much the same as real Speedway where you compete in various competitions hoping for speedway glory. The graphics are nice and colourful, but the action and animation are quite poor. It's repetitive as you would expect so I can only see this one appealing to speedway nuts.

The final round is complete...

The End.

If, like Vinny, you're cack at this game, you'll get this alternative ending!

HOW WAS IT COMPLETED?: I raced until I could race no more. I saved the game as I won each event.

SO WHAT HAPPENS?: On completion of the last race in the world championship trophy event, you get to see the final point allocation and final league standings. A final screen then shows your rider holding aloft a trophy on a podium with the other two runners up on the steps below. The words 'THE WORLD CHAMPION' are shown above it with the players name displayed below it.


  • Neil: Not a great deal to see, but some effort made with the ending. Always nice to see something after putting the work in to beat it. 2/10.
  • Vinny: I'd never actually played this game until Neil kindly sent in the ending. And after playing it a few times I see that I wasn't missing much. It's a little scarce and repetitive and doesn't really offer much value.

    Saying that, I'm quite surprised this game has a kind of ending! Thumbs up to the coding team for putting in that extra effort. Nice ending ditty. 2.5/10 from me.
  • Andrew Fisher: Not bad, if this was Codemasters it would have been International Speedway Simulator viewed from overhead and a simple text screen ending.
  • Brendan Phoenix: Yeah, I am happily surprised at the ending. Not so bad at all for this type of game.
  • Andy Vaisey: Well, more than a simple message, but not much.

FINAL SAY: I really expected nothing here. Nice surprise.

G.E. RATING: 2 / 10

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