• Publisher: Andromeda Soft.
• Developer:
As above
Release Date: 1992
Code: Istvan Cseri,
...........Peter Barna

GFX: Unknown
Music: Unknown

ZZAP64 Game Rating: n/a
Our Game Rating: 64%




> INTERVIEW by Andromeda Software

• Completed & Reviewed by Neil Collins

This is an unusual one... Interview is a two part game where you have to get to an interview for a job at a top computer company.

The first part is an isometric game, where you have to navigate the city streets avoiding banana skins, man-holes, plants, dogs and dustbins. You have to run as quickly as you can to reach the bank, otherwise it's game over.

The second part shows an aerial view of the city. You start outside the bank and must find the offices where the interview is taking place. You need to use the cash you have withdrawn to get yourself smart enough to pass the interview. If you fall down a man-hole, or get bitten by a dog you will have to start over.

Interview is a novel idea for a game, and is fun once you have grasped what needs to be done. The main problems are that it's far too short, very easy and has very annoying music. A good effort, but not something you will play over and over.

The End.

The End.

The End.

The End.

HOW WAS IT COMPLETED?: With a lot of patience and a decent cracked version of the game. 

SO WHAT HAPPENS?: If you reach the interview in a decent state, you will get the job. Simple as that. If only real life was just as easy. Once you enter the offices you get to see a picture of the player dressed neatly in his suit in front of a secretary. The next screen shows a letter from the manager congratulating you on getting the job. The following screen shows a picture of a computer on the desk of your new office. The final screen then shows your score and tells you to restart the game if you wish to play it over again.


  • Neil: It's not a bad ending at all. The graphics aren't great, but some effort has been made here. 5/10.
  • Vinny: A very nice ending. Good to see some effort put into it. 5/10 from me too.
  • Gaz Spence: I'm intrigued that the image on the screen of the computer is a view of the office. Are we all part of one big computer game?
  • Andrew Fisher: An intriguing idea for a game - and a satisfying ending, for a change.
  • Andy Vaisey: A slap on the back for attempting an ending at least, more than some games do.
  • Brendan Phoenix: Yep, ok little ending here.

FINAL SAY: The ending is decent enough for me. I got the job! When do I start?

G.E. RATING: 5 / 10

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