• Publisher: Cascade Games
• Developer:
Cascade Games
Release Date: 1987
Code: Joe Booth

GFX: John Cassell
Music: Fred Gray

ZZAP64 Game Rating: 57%
Our Game Rating: 65%


FILE: implosionend.zip


> IMPLOSION by Cascade Games

• Completed & Reviewed by Neil Collins

Implosion is a multi-direction scrolling shoot-em-up by Cascade. I've never been a fan of Cascade games due to the fact that my mother bought me the infamous Cassette Fifty compilation, which was absolute rubbish. I was pleasantly surprised when I loaded up Implosion, as it looked and played really well. I had no idea what I was doing in the game so I did a bit of research and worked out how you play it. You basically have to guide your ship around a large maze, looking for pods on the ground to destroy. You can make your ship dive or rise by pressing the space bar, which allows you to fly over or under the maze. Flying high is dangerous as you get attacked by enemies but you are safe from colliding with the maze walls. Flying low is the opposite of this. Once all pods are destroyed the level is complete. Overall it's a pretty good game, and quite playable as it's not hard to get into but is quite a challenge to beat. It's a bit different to your run of the mill shoot-em-up as there is a puzzle element to it. It's the best Cascade game I have played so far.

"Chocolate - hmmmm, Maltesers - so light"

"It shrunk!"



And there you have it...

...The End.

HOW WAS IT COMPLETED?: I used an infinite lives cheat.

SO WHAT HAPPENS?: Once all the pods are destroyed on the final level, an end sequence is shown. A large planet fills the screen and then shrinks into the distance as you fly away from it. The planet then explodes and disappears. Another screen follows with an Implosion logo at the top and a Cascade logo at the bottom. A message is shown in the centre of the screen in fancy multicoloured text which reads 'WELL DONE. YOU'VE SAVED THE WORLD... FOR NOW!'. You then get a mega bonus of 1,000,000 points and you get to enter your name into the high score table.


  • Neil: The game is very well put together and the ending is very neat. I was pleasantly surprised with everything about this game. It is worth checking out.

  • Vinny: This is a strange game and one that doesn't really play too well. Nice little ending sequence with the effect of the ship flying away from the planet. But, unfortunately, it's another one of those endings that is missing so many components to make it a Corker :( I like the ending tune, but was the specifically written for the ending, or does the tune appear elsewhere in the game?

  • Andrew Fisher: Hmm, another case where the ZZAP review put me off the game before I played it... not a bad little ending though.

  • Matt Rogers: I quite like that - reminds of the end of Alien! Nice and colourful final screen, too.

  • Brendan Phoenix: Ok, but doesn't raise it to average level for me. Ok end tune though ( not sure if this is the in game tune though). Again I have never heard of this game either.

  • Andy Vaisey: Like Andrew, I remember the ZZAP! review and this swayed my decision not to buy/play. Just had a quick blast now - looks and sounds nice enough, but the game can only be described as average. This about sums up the ending too. Give it a try though; you may actually enjoy this game in a short burst.

FINAL SAY: Very nice. I didn't expect this much at the end of it.

G.E. RATING: 5 / 10

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